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finally smoked with parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by originalhurt, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. so my step mom tells me she needs me for a minute to come outside. i was like ohh shit bc i found there stash while they were out and took like a bowls worth when they were golfing, anyway i get out there and my dads out there making ribs on the bbq and my step mom was like its time to teach you how to really barbeque(when i was younger i was with my dad while he was with friends and they were smoking a j and i announced to them that it smelled like barbeque out side bc i guess my dad used to smoke when he was outside barbequing) Any way ive wanted to smoke with them for ever bc ive known they do and they knew i did i guess i asked them they figured i smoked like a few times a month they just never acknowledged it to me bc i wasnt out of high shcool but now im graduated they think its cool i guess, anyway it was the shit.:smoking::D:smoking:
  2. How did you graduate when you don't even know how to properly punctuate a paragraph?

    Otherwise, congrats! :hello: I remember the first time I smoked with my mum, took me completely by surprise when she passed me a joint one day.
  3. Hahaha awesome =]
    My mom just tells me stories of her stoner days.
  4. sorry im still high lol to hard to punctuate properly it was like an hour ago now i just sparked up bowl and decieded to share
  5. hahah tighhttt! did they already have a j waiting for ya lol?!
    damn my mom's never tried it, pretty intense stuff ha. my dad told me he has but i never got in depth with stories or anything:/ maybe if i get caught again ill see if he wants to with me for old times sake haha
  6. that's sweet.
    I always think about what its gonna be like when my boy is older.if he's gonna choose to smoke or not...i'd prefer he didn't if laws regarding it are still the same cause i dont want my baby to get in trouble.if he chooses to smoke i'll probabily let him do it in the house as long as he stays out of trouble and bud's all that he's doing...But i won't smoke with him untill i consider him mature enough to toke with me:smoking:
  7. #7 originalhurt, Jun 8, 2009
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    yea when i sat down at the glass table we have outside with like the umberella and stuff they just wipped it out. it was so weird he sounded just like any other stoner i talk to, and hes had like the same stories from when he was younger that ive been in before its great. i would have never thought that before.
  8. nice i member when my mother and my step father were smoking i asked what it was. they said its weed. i was like ewwwww them thing that grow in the garden. they said yup and my step father passed it to me and said here have some so i did. and well yea now i smoke. but thats kool bro so now you dont have to trip about them finding out you smoke you just gotta worry about having enough to go around.
  9. its been awhile since me n my parents started smoking together, but i still love it the same. its awesome to be able to smoke with ur parents ^^^^he's right though. sometimes it sucks when you have to buy more to go around.
  10. Yeah it was cool smoking with my dad for the first time, he pulled out a tin can with an oz of some nice dank, btw im from miami and hes in NY and the Miami weed is nothing compared to the NY weed, i rolled a blunt and we got high as fuck and had the munchies. Man i wish i could smoke a fat blunt with my mom. Maybe 1 day when its legal.
  11. Haha that's awesome. I'd love to be able to sit down and smoke with my dad. But he is completely against anything relating to weed.
  12. i smoke with my dad, i sold him a half ounce one time when i had just turned 16.

  13. lol. oh man thats funny. but your probally serious
  14. haha hell yeahh. we went to see the providence bruins a few weeks ago and he brought me to get some buds after and he made me give him a nug. its pretty cool cause im moving in with him this summer.
  15. My dad was a FAT pot head. to bad my mom is a physco anti drug person. One day i'll sneak a toke with my dad.

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