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Finally scored!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by telluride toker, Aug 13, 2003.


Should I share my weed freely?

  1. Yes, be a pal.

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  2. No, save it, it'll last longer.

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  3. Wombats are funny!

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  1. Yay! I've been dry for almost a month. But the other day my friend got a qp shipment from B.C.. He sold me a 1/4 at $70, and it's soooo yummy and sooooo dank. I'm just smoking out everybody right now. If you've got it, share it. What do you think?
  2. I used to pass it around like no tomorrow but it got old because some of my so called friends had no jobs or maby they hate work but never got a bag to share.
    Weed costs to much if you got to buy it(well maby not)but i like to smoke the good sucks but the reward of getting killer is not bad,not bad at all..

    I only smoke with one friend and he grows and i do to, makes for great talk at the end of the growing season.
  3. true dat....... this is a community! (city really) :)
  4. i always share, we all do.. we usualy have someone pack a bowl... smoke it, the next person pack it... smoke it... and so on
  5. I know if for some odd reason i'm out, SOMEBODY will show up and get me high :) Just how it seems to happen when you smoke out your friends, they should, and normally do pay it back when ya want it.
  6. ill usually blaze anyone my bag, aslong as they dont ASK ME if they can. if people ask for a free sesh it pisses me off. but you should always blaze a stoner in need. remember, theyll owe you as sesh in the future ;)
  7. comes around, goes around, so share and enjoy.

    ps: i need some... my deal fell through today. a bit miffed about that, and my brain is going "i need some like right now, or i'll go on strike on your sorry ass"

  8. I would personally share it then when you haven't got any and your mates have then they will be willing to give you some. it's apart of the Cannabis Social Circle ;)
  9. Nah man.. nah. Screw the people around here at least.
    "I used to pass it around like no tomorrow but it got old because some of my so called friends had no jobs or maby they hate work but never got a bag to share."
    I know a lot about what he's sayin there.
    No one I know ever has jack shit to share, so I've stopped sharing with them on a daily basis like I used to. It's more like once a week now.
  10. I always share. I've shared so much with people who will never give me anything back for it, but it's all good. I have a couple friends who do share with me on a regular basis. I share with them sometimes, too, and I share with people who won't ever give anything in return. As long as everyone's having fun and you don't use all your stash it's all good. When I know I'm going to be sharing with a bunch of people (5 or 6 or more) I usually put some in a seperate bag so I don't lose everything. And when I'm good and stoned and a couple of my closest friends are good and stoned I shut the supply off. Some of the people I know will keep smoking kb until they can't smoke anymore and I can't afford to supply them with that for free.
  11. i say share and share alike...................i dont know what that means but it sounds good
  12. i share when my buds come overz. but other than that i just dont share, because no one is here, duh, shit, i like commas, dont you, they , are HELLLAA fun, do yo uagree? WOOOPIIEEE
  13. whenever my friends are over and if they have none which is a rare thing then we all share and smoke...and whenever we are all out around the town there's alot that goes around...coming and going with the herb.
  14. one thing to think about when your considering not sharing is: would i have even been able to start smoking if people hadnt shared w/ me? most people start smoking by being smoked out by other people who have been smoking longer. thus, you are obligated to share w/ others since, most likely other people have shared w/ you when you were a noob.
  15. ^^^very nice point there. didn't think of that one myself. that almost makes one obliged to share :)

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