Finally Saw The Christian Bale Batman Movie, Bruce Wayne High?

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  1. So, I finally made myself watch the Batman movie with Christian Bale.  When I was a kid it was Adam West, and later Michael Keaton and some other guys.  By the time it was Clooney I kind of bailed. 
    But somebody said the new ones with Christian Bale were good so I smoked up and got a copy and watched it.
    Is Bruce Wayne smoking some bad shit or something?  Here's why I ask:
    I don't remember Bruce Wayne being so obsessed with his personal appearance, all those shampoos, moisturizers, and stressing about his business card.  I know he has to maintain appearances, but that kind of hygiene regimen seems like it would cut into time fighting criminals.  
    I also don't remember Batman having such a hard-on for white collar crime.  When he uses that axe to chop up that wall street guy in that Gotham City apartment while listening to Huey Lewis, it seemed kind of extreme.
    Why did Batman stab the homeless guy?  Was he a drug dealer or the Joker in disguise?
    When Batman abuses those two prostitutes, how come he didn't tie them up and turn them over to Commissioner Gordon like usual?  And then later he drops a chainsaw on one of them, which also seems kind of severe for prostitution.  And the chainsaw wasn't even shaped like a bat.  
    Anyway, I enjoyed the film, I just think the character is very different than I remember.  

  2. When you have a character that has been around now for over 70 years there are a number of different interpretations.  Would it surprise you to know that the ORIGINAL comic character was much grittier than the 60's Adam West era?
    In any case, NOTHING in the Bale trilogy is out of character for Batman, in fact, it's universally looked at as the best version of the character yet on screen.  
  3. Stupid thread but American Psycho is a great movie. 
  4. i hate the new Batman movies. Mostly because the Joker's appearance was a complete rip-off of Kakihara from Ichi the Killer. he looked nothing like the Joker in the comics or other film or cartoon interpretations.
    the first one in the series was boring....but the fact they ripped off from another movie in Dark Knight made me avoid the last one
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    it wasnt even a good joke kuz the joker is the 2nd batman movie with Bale, if the joke is to work it needs to be about Batman Begins(the best one IMO)....but i agree American Psycho was a good movie
    Ledger!Joker's Glasgow Grin is based on... Well, a Glasgow Grin. It wasn't "ripped off" from anything.
    As for Nolan's Batman films? From Day One they've been so good they've changed the way people think about comic book movies. They aren't just superhero movies now. I feel really sorry for whoever has to follow the trilogy. Wouldn't surprise me at all if DC just avoid the issue right now and give Justice League straight to Nolan and give Bale dibs on the Batman role.
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  8. Yes? That's a Glasgow grin. They're in a lot of stuff. Even real life. Ichi the Kiler might have influenced the design, but you can hardly say it ripped it off. As for the suit? Purple and green have been The Joker's colours since he first appeared.
  9. Nolan's Batman trilogy is a high ranking film trilogy for me
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    That isnt even the batman movie noob, in the batman movie christian bale has insomnia, withes away to nothing, and doesnt even remember the awful accident from the previous year. 
    Edit: You motherfuckers, they already banned the kid.  Oh well.  I new batman trilogy rocks, american psycho was pretty good, and I clearly was writing about the machinist.
  11. I have to return some videotapes

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