finally ordered my gaming comp.

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  1. Case - Rosewill challenger

    hard drive - western digital 640 gb blue

    monitor - 21.5 inch HD gateway LED backlight

    motherboard - asrock 870 extreme

    processor - phenom ii x4 3.2GHz black edition.

    graphics card - asus gtx 560 factory OC'd with 2 fans.

    PSU - modular cooler master silent pro 600 watts 80+ (lol i actually ordered this on accident i thought i had selected a 600w corsair PSU, would have saved like 20 bucks oh well. dumb mistake but this should technically be better then the corsair one)

    Ram - 2 x 4gb g.skill ddr3 1333

    plus i got starcraft 2, a gaming keyboard, some decent speakers, a dvd drive. and warranties on the more expensive things.

    totaling $1000. wish i had gone a bit cheaper actually, but its to late for that now. Ships on Monday, so i should get it next Wednesday or Thursday.. Ill post pics of everything when i get.

    im not gonna do any over clocking. Ive read that some games bug out when you OC. plus i dont have enough confidence in my tech skills to do this.

    if everything works, im confident this build will run all the games i want, at acceptable settings. If you have to pay more then $200 for a gpu to run bf3/skyrim on medium then ive lost hope in pc gaming.

    Ive dl'd windows 7 64bit ultimate and burned it to a dvd, and my friend gave me a spare activation key for it.

    i really hope nothing comes DOA, it would be a hassle to deal with that after paying $1000
  2. I'm in the same boat as you. Just built my pc on Thursday, installed all the drivers and software Friday, having fun with it on Saturday :smoke:

  3. I hope the best for you. I splurged and went for a "higher quality" Corsair PSU and it arrived DOA. Guess its just luck? Oh well, best of luck mate.
  4. good luck man I just put mine together and its cycling the power on and off ... bleh

  5. sounds like the psu isnt supplying enough juice. any mobo beeps? do you even have your mobo speaker plugged in?
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    make sure the 4 pin cpu power connector is plugged in.

    Also make sure the cpu is seated properly
  7. prepare to be ecstatic...running a great computer capable of doing anything/everything you throw at it is great. Im thinking on upgrading just for BF3
  8. OC the cpu, 3.8ghz easily with air, 4ghz+ with water. Nice system, your video card will probably overclock even more with apps.
  9. rofl it was harddriver
  10. I built my parents a rig about a half year ago, cost just under $1000 CDN. A little hazy on the specs but I'll do the best with what I can remember...

    Core i5 processor, 1st Gen, clocked at 2.4 Ghz 4 cores.
    6GB DDR3 ram, not sure the speed
    1TB 7500RPM HDD SATA
    Intel Chipset, don't remember the specifics, but it had a PCI-e and a PCI-e 2.0 slot along with PCI and a AGP slot.
    ATI (now AMD) HD Radeon 4600
    LG Blu-Ray Drive
    Tower case
    Windows 7 Pro x64

    Decent rig, pretty proud of it, even though it isn't mine. I tend to have magical powers when it comes to computers.
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    just got everything today, installed the CPU and heatsink with little to no hassle. threw in the ram (easy). installed mobo and PSU in the case. when I was installing the motherboard i noticed i used the wrong screws lol, scraped it a tiny bit but its not noticeable (never build a comp stoned for the first time), but pretty sure I didnt break it, so far so good. PSU i thought i had a problem with, did a bit of thinking and realized everything should be fine. Im having a little trouble with connecting the shit from the case into the mobo. Not sure which goes where, reading the manual and its not helping to much. But I got an idea on what to do, so i guess trial and error until it works? But im worried I might fuck something up if I try it that way.

    the GTX 560 is fkin huge, I thought it wasnt gonna fit, but it barely fits.

    edit: everything working, on the new comp now :)
  12. If you can't figure it out from the manuals of the case and mobo trial and error should be fine. I wouldn't worry about it shorting anything out.

    You said you're not going to overclock but you got a black edition cpu? That's what they're made for.

    I have the same processor (555be which unlocked to your 955be, lucky me) and have it running stable at 3.8ghz at 1.4v and temps top out at 44c ($30 aftermarket cooler, though the 955s come with better heatsinks then the 555s). It can go higher but I like AMDs coolnquiet and that stops working after 3.8 on my chip.

    Just monitor your full load temps with hardware monitor and prime95 and if you have some headroom with you're temps which you should, go into the bios and bump the multiplier up a notch and test again. Very simple.

    If it becomes unstable or crashes don't worry you didn't break it just up the voltage a notch and test again (don't go over 1.5v). As long as it doesn't go over I'd say 55c while running prime95 for a half houre you're fine (max is 62c but I wouldn't push it that high). If it passes prime 95 it's stable.

    There is no game available that will push the cpu as hard as prime will.
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    windows 7 ratings...
    processor - 7.3
    memory - 7.5
    graphics - 7.7
    gaming graphics - 7.7
    hard drive - 5.9

    havent got to test it out on the more demanding games but it runs sc2 maxed no lag. was gonna post pics but meh, who cares, i was just excited.

    EDIT: as for overclocking, i think its set to automatically overclock when needed. however the ram i set to default 1333mhz. The CPU stays cooler then i thought. hasnt gone above 40c with stock fan.
    The packaging for the CPU was so shitty im surprised it wasnt DOA.

  14. Dank! :D I only got a netbook, but it ain't no Atom piece of shit.:devious:

    CPU: 4.7
    RAM: 5.2
    Graphics: 3.7
    Gaming: 4.9
    HDD: 5.7

    But good job on your rig, dude! Hope you have some good fun with it! :devious:

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