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FINALLY new job

Discussion in 'General' started by glasslover420, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. I'm just so happy, not sure where to post this but w/e :hello:

    Been working a shitty fast food job for about a year now. Well, my brothers friend just helped me get a new job at an actual bar/restaurant.. Gotta start as a bus boy, but even doing that I'll be getting 3 more dollars an hour than I get now. And within 2 weeks I should be able to be a waiter. If I'm still there in 2 years, can start bartending.

    Finally a change...just had to vent, been looking for a new job for months with absolutely no luck :rolleyes:. I got an offer to work at a headshop near here, but the pay is the same as what I was getting (minimum wage) and I'd have to drive 20 mins extra to go to work everyday. And the place I'll be working is literally 5 mins from my house :D. Can finally start considering moving out...
  2. Congrats bro! If you get into a restaurant early you can make lots of dough. Start as a bus boy, and then once you're a waiter rape those tips!

    Headshop job would've been cool, but 20 extra mins for the same pay isn't really worth it.

    Good job!
  3. Grats man!

    I wish I made more than minimum wage haha.

  4. I really wanted that job, its a new headshop around here. But he couldn't offer me even 9 bucks an hour lol. I guess most people that work there must have 2 jobs.

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