Finally moved into my first apartment!

Discussion in 'General' started by whitewarrior, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Whats goin on blades? I haven't been around in a couple of days due to us moving furniture and other things into my new apartment. One bedroom, one bath, a shitload of storage space and my own privacy....can't ask for much more than that haha:smoke: I've been blowin heavy smoke since my courtdate isn't until the 24th of September, so I have time to get my head straight just in case.. I will be posting pictures of the bachelor pad as soon as I get internet access hooked up, and that won't be until next wednesday....damn.
  2. How are you enjoying your own place? when i got my own place i just loved the freedom of being able to turn on tv sit on the couch and light up a fatty.
  3. Nothing like the freedom of your first place. Just wait till you own your own's even better!!
  4. Its very female friendly I will say that :)
  5. so whens the house warming party? ill bring the keg!
  6. I'm always down for a fiesta..
  7. Ill bring the lawn gnomes.

    Or chips.
  8. OH fiesta? can i come? I'll bring the pin the tail on the donkey...Or weed whichevers better.
  9. im down for a fiesta... ill bring the kush ;)
  10. Nice dude I can't wait till I get my own apartment... I just moved in a couple days ago into my dorm (my freshman year at college). First time being away from my parents and all that shit, but damn dude I'm not home sick at all... I fucking love it here.. It's fucking awesome man. Hittin up bars every night and goin to dorm parties and all that jazz it's fuckin awesome! We found this bar that's like within a mile from my dorm that serves beer if your 18+ but no hard liquor. But who gives a fuck cuz they got beer pong and beer! Horray beer! :hello::hello:
  11. Congrats,

    I have had my own place as of August 4th.

    There is nothing better than the freedom of being on your own.
  12. Hell all blades are invited to the fiesta, make sure you bring the fire ass green and there will be plenty of females for everyone...
    @weebie: you're def. gonna enjoy your first year man, first years are always the best, stay safe; stay smart.
  13. Use that storage to it's full potential :smoke:
  14. Congrats dude,hope you enjoy the feeedom of bachlorhood,welcome to the freeworld...I'm thinking about moving out myself in a few weeks,but I'm getting seperation anxiety,a few honey's should be able to patch that right up....:cool:

    Big Pimpin............
  15. whats a blade?
  16. Congrats, man! Its so liberating living on your own. Everything is just so....nice and free. :)
  17. im moving out tommorrow bright n early got out of court today 130 in the whole with no probation or community service for my paraphenial and possesion ticket, they droped the possession bc i would have lost my liscence so they were nice
  18. amen to that

    I am on week three of my new apartment. I've been on my own before, but had to go back with pops for the summer unfortunately, but I should be on my own for good now

    Definitely quite nice :)
  19. Thanks for all the well wishes blades, I can leave my bong out in plain sight without fear now haha. School starts this monday so I'm ready to go ahead and knock this semester out...ahhhh football season :)

  20. Youre a blade silly! :p

    Hey congrats on being able to pay for a lil nook of freedom!

    Do you have a grill?

    Ill bring some meat to throw on it for the party :smoke:

    Enjoy football season in your freedom pad lol ;)

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