Finally managed to get bagseeds....

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  1. ok, here's my pickup from tonight, after about 1 week of harassing my dealer to help me get some "shitter" weed so that I might get some seeds, she called me today and told me she got 1/2 for me, cost me 60 bucks... I was like WTF??? I usually pay 60 for 1/8... I'll probably not be smoking them, going to bake somethings with this batch. I'll try a joint to see if I like the taste of bagseed weed...


    Definitely not what I have picked up, the still have hairs, but not as many obvious crystals, and they have a more earthy smell vs the "regular weed smell"

    I've been doing a lot reading and research both in GC and also in the recommended books. I got the "e-books" version of all and then some of the books listed in GC.

    anyways, just wondering still, plants that we smoke are female, but they have seeds, meaning that the were pollinated by male plants, which means that whoever grew the plants just grew a ton of plants and didn't care if there were any males in the same room right?


    2nd question, among the bagseeds, some are like really green... what can I do with them to make them turn into those that can be planted (dark with stripes)

    thanx GC.
  2. buds with seeds in are created when generally someone doesnt care about the seeds in the buds and grows a lot of plants and usually bricks it up and ships it out and then america enjoys it. if i were you i would try germing all of them using the water in a shot glass for 24 hours and then the paper towel method. plant the ones that sprout little roots and eat the other ones :p. with good care a bagseed grow can turn out really well good luck
  3. The green seeds are immature, useless for growing at this point. And i wouldn't call it "bagseed weed", it's just weed haha.
  4. Goggle sinsemilla you might learn some shit...
  5. is there any way i can "prepare" the immature seeds so that they might be germinated in the future.?

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    no there isnt like i said though you can try to germ all of them. im guessing that seeds are hard to come by for you, if you want more plants then just take clones off of your females. Or if you really want seeds that bad i would pollinate one of the females. then again i would probably use a dank strain if i was doing all this work.
  7. yes, seeds are almost impossible to come by for me, I had to pester my dealer to get me some "shitter weed" so that I might get some bagseeds.

    I'm going to germ the green ones 1st, just to see if they sprout.

    Nah, i don't want seeds that bad, just wanna take a shot at growing, for fun and satisfaction.

    thanx for the help

  8. I have way to many seeds....

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