FINALLY made some stoner friends

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    First this will not be a intense story. So if you are gonna bitch about it not being entertaining get out of here.

    Background info:I had trouble finding a dealer and tokin buddies. I'm am cool with all the stoners that are seniors (my grade) but they didn't know I smoke.

    On friday I told one of my friends I smoke. He is one of the first to know. At lunch we both sit at the stoner table. My friend doesn't smoke by the way. I was talking to my friend and a diffrent guy who smokes a lot. My friend asked if I cared if he told people I smoke. I thought fuck it, I'll never get a dealer if no one knows I smoke. So he told this guy (John) and John left.

    He then told a heavy smoker Matt I smoke. Matt is like "No you don't" and I'm like yeah I do and he talked to my friend about a movie or somthin. About 5 times at lunch Matt would randomly say the you don't smoke thing. I would say yeah a bunch of times. Finally after him saying that like 7 times I'm like "Whatever I don't care if you don't believe me"

    Then he asked if I really did I said yeah, and he asked to smoke with me sometime. And he will get me a dealer.
  2. sweet dude sounds like you just made a new friend
  3. lol,didnt he say that in the title? :p

  4. Yup, and this reminded me of "Dude, wheres my car?" the movie. When they get tattoos one says sweet and the others says dude. And their like "what does mine say?" "Sweet! what does mine say?" and the other guy is like "dude!" and that goes on for a while lol.
  5. Well I'm happy you finally came out of the closet Nathan. :yay:
  6. Is that Mr.D behind you in your avatar op?

  7. idk haha. I found that pic on google.
  8. everyone i meet out here is a stoner
    most of my family too
    hehe i love vancouver
  9. That's cool man, congrats
  10. Sounds like he has a lot of respect for you..

  11. good job only took you 300 posts hahaha jk, just try not to make an ass of yourself when you hang out with this guy, and if you know your going to, give him a heads up right before you blaze.

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