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Finally made Hash Caps!!!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by IDKidea, Mar 24, 2012.

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    After many months of daydreaming, I finally was able to make hash oil capsules using BadKat's recipe. I used about 8g of kief in a few tsp of coconut oil (along with a bit of almond oil) and lecithin.

    I actually started the oil one week ago, and since I had a bunch of pure oil left over I decided to make a weaker batch using a bunch of sugar leaf. Four times during the week I reheated the oil and refroze, and then today the capsules came so with a friend we filled 29 doses of what I hope to be a very memorable high.

    We were so pleased with ourselves that we ended up not trying them out tonight.

    Instead, using the weaker oil (which we had about 8oz strained at that point) we filled the rest of the capsules that were sent to me and then some. Took one before I left. Those are more for fun.

    Decided to keep them in an amber glass jar I got from LHS.

    Many thanks to BadKat for providing such an excellent tutorial and recipe.


    Keep toking, blades.
  2. Been making these about last year or do. kick ass !!
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    I love making these myself. I don't use BadKat's process because I don't have access to kief, but the way I do it works great, too. I use the oil for everything and always cap up a hundred or so for casual use. I use the oil straight or in my coffee/hot chocolate for pain and sleep. But I certainly agree that coconut oil caps kick ass.

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