Finally, LSD is coming!

Discussion in 'General' started by What'sThatSmell, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. My god, acid, the one drug that I have not been able to get a hold of.
    My down has been dryer than Condoleezza Rice's vagina.
    I have lots of connections, make no doubt about that.
    I can get everything from high-quality thizz to zoomers to crack.
    However, acid, acid is the one drug I have not been able to get my hands on.
    And now, now after nearly 10 months of searching, I have a connection.

    It will be the first time in my life to try acid.
    Best of all, it's in the form that I most want to try, blotters opposed to microdots.
    But why?
    Why has it been so hard to find?
    I asked the connection last night, he told me it was because everyone (including me) was looking to deeply in the gangsta' connections and that the only people who had acid in town were the die-hard hippies.
    However apparently the hippies charge out of the ass for it, which I find to be a very bad image they're giving themselves.

    So now it is on it's way.
    Traveling quite a distance to come here, through various towns, I believe the origin is in Toronto but I'm not positive.

    I'm so damn happy..


  2. go to a festival.....
  3. Yeah man finding acid in a big city is tough, you gotta find all teh hippies to find that stuff. I only find acid maybe once a month even in the suburbs.
  4. excellent suggestion
  5. i got mine for 10 a hit.
  6. Uh, in September in a small retirement town?
    Not really happening..
  7. how much does a book cost?
  8. Awesome dude, Glad to here. I've been serching my town for 3 years, and It's NEVER rolled into town.

    hope you enjoy it and have a great time!
  9. i've had 'cid available to me for a half year, perhaps.
    you need to find the real psych heads in town to go down these trippy roads. the rave scene is relatively large on exotic and brilliant drugs, or so i hear, but i've enough in my own domain.
  10. ya, acid is a different market, you gotsta look in the correct places.
  11. Damn, you lucky bastard!!! I've been searching for 'cid for awhile.....Last time i found a connect i drove from San jose to santa cruz, dropped $100 on 20 hits that turned out to be theweirdest 'cid ever.....

    The reason i say weirdest is because i didn't have anything going except some of the craziest/fastest thought patterns ever, but no crazy body feelings, no visuals. NOTHING. Until i ate .5 grams of shrooms (one stem) then the 5 hits i dropped hit my like a train and i was tripping for only 6 hours.....Next day i dropped 3 more and didnt feel anything (cept the thought patterns) till i took like 4 shots of skyy, then they all hit me.....

    So, by weird, i mean it didnt do anything until i mixed it with something.... But hopefully yours will actually be fun!! :D
  12. shit, acid is great...but your right, kinda hard to find...i never had a problem finding it...shit, now i have to tell friends and people that i dont really trip anymore...cause, im done with acid...and now EVERYONE i know has a hookup..

    however, acid is almost ALWAYS around...people dont really know where to dont have a typical acid-head, such as a pothead, or a yay head...
  13. Well, I'm sure lots of people have acid on a normal basis, it's not a rare drug, but I've been told the town's literally been dry for 6 months. And this info comes from people who have connections all over the city to every source (which isn't that hard to believe coming from a town of only 74,000)
  14. never seen an "acid head?" hippies dude. Its not just weed that makes slouch over and talk like they got a cold. odds are we have all seen someone physically affected by acid, we just assume their stoned.
  15. Well that's just it, I don't really want to ask those people.
    I feel more problems would come from that than good.
    I'm quite pleased I can actually trust this source not to rip me off and give me postage stamps as blotters or something.
  16. ive done more acid than most of the "hippy" kids i went to high school with...i call those people burn outs, facing reality...could be an acid burn out or whatever....and all the hippy kids i knew had shitty acid...grown ups had much better stuff
  17. Acid is awesome, but most of the shit I had was bunk compared to the first one I dropped. It was the most amazing experience ever. My mind felt overflowed with a flow of knowledge and I felt glowing. So amazing. Did it 3 more times, and the shit was bunk. Just made me feel kinda fucked up, not the uplifting, spiritual, euphoric feeling I had the first time.

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