Finally looking to buy a nice piece!

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  1. Hello everybody hope your all doing good! I am finally interested in buying a sick piece but not sure what to get? My friend has a sick straight tube RooR and I love it so much. Thing is I don't know where to buy a legit one for a good price? Is there any place online to buy a nice RooR from or should I go around my area to a head shop? I know this one head shop but I think they are taxing hard on them.

    I already have a box whip vaporizer so would a RooR bong be my next best bet? Thanks so much for your help guys! :wave:
  2. It depends where you live... if you have a headshop with good glass, take that route. If not, there are online resources.....i'll PM you.
  3. Are you only considering Roors? There are a lot of really nice straight tubes (you'll probably want a diffused downstem, I don't think Roor has made those standard yet), and I'm willing to wager that you could probably get something a little fancier depending on your price range if you shop around for a while.
  4. I agree, local shops can sometimes get amazing all around pieces that are not that expensive compared to what you would get with that much money from a commercial company.
  5. Take a look at Sheldon Black.

  6. if you buy from grasscity you wont get your bong till july phucking pathetic
  7. if u have to hide it, get a nice big sherlock wit a nice big bown and every time just RIP THAT SHIIIIT

    if u don't i guess a bong i guess :D
  8. Hey man,

    Bongs are a really good investment. I was in the same situation as you; my best friend has a Lil Sista Rasta label R00R and I would go to his house and smoke it all the time and I would get so high and I loved the high and I decided that I had to go buy myself one so I went out and spend $180 dollars. This was my first piece, and I really didn't know a lot about glass or anything. But I can say that it was the best investment that I ever made because I use it every single day (well not as much since I just got a volcano, hehe) but I still use it, and it gets me super high.

    If RooRs are out of your price range look into EHLE, you can find some information about them if you do a google search. They are a little cheaper then R00R but make strong tubes. Also you can find R00R tubes on the same site as EHLE, heh.

    Enjoy brotha!

  9. Worrrd to everything you just said, iSmoker
  10. I've found that the build of EHLE's are superior to RooR's. The joints on the EHLE are better.

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