Finally know why I love pot so much

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  1. The last 7 years have been tough for me. I've been "addicted" to anything with THC in it without knowing why. Feeling guilty for smoking such a "bad" drug (as told by the law). I know for a fact and due to personal experience that everything happens for a reason. In the last year, after a rough patch, weed started to affect me in a different way. I started analyzing myself and learning about who I was. Discovery after discovery, the best thing I learned about myself that changed my life forever is that I have anxiety.

    Ever since that discovery, I have been working extremely hard to fight this anxiety.

    Inconsciously, for 7 years I was smoking to reduce my anxiety. Once the high would wear off I wouldn't feel good because the anxiety would come back. People would judge me, look how addicted he is etc., but little did they know that it was actually medication for me. Instead of taking chemical pills prescribed by a sketchy doctor, I was using a natural herb. I was using this drug to be myself.

    I can personally say that I have nothing against marijuana because it has fixed my life. Anxiety is a huge issue in my family and I see all of them getting old without resolving the issue, whereas I was lucky enough to come across weed at a younger age and pinpoint my problems before it was too late.

    I'm just here to encourage anyone to use marijuana as a way to learn about themselves and to work on becoming a better person.

    If anyone has had similar experiences with marijuna, please share!
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  2. Now that its legal its called Cannabis

    many including myself have been

    inadvertently self medicating for many years

    No biggy ..I just wish I'd connected earlier

    much as your self

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  3. that's real

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  4. Im glad you found cannabis. It has helped me with my anxiety too.

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  5. I'm glad you found out the truth about cannabis. That it's not the "evil" that the government would have us believe. It's a VERY beneficial plant with MANY uses. We don't even know all of its potential uses yet. Everyone who has used cannabis and has been helped by it should help spread the word about it. Cannabis should never have been outlawed. If instead of trying to demonize it and eliminate it for the last 100+ years, the government had put its resources into studying it, there's no telling how much we would know about cannabis and its many, many benefits.

    I'm glad you found a natural way to help you treat your anxiety. My wife used to use cannabis to help with her anxiety, depression and appetite issues and nothing else helps her as much. She had to quit using because she's getting a promotion soon and she'll have to be able to pass a drug test. She's been miserable since quitting. Pharmaceuticals don't help nearly as much and it's just a shame that it's illegal to use this wonderful plant. Hopefully things will change and cannabis will be legal everywhere.
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  6. Same here! SSRI's (for anxiety) killed my sex drive. I'm only 44 and for the last 10 years I've had no desire. Been married for over 22 years and my husband and I were intimate maybe twice a year. Cannabis has saved my sex life. I weaned off my SSRI and now only smoke/vape/consume cannabis. I'm less on edge and bitchy now. So much happier! Unfortunately for me, I do not live in a legalized state. I do go to California several times a year so I do have a medical card there. The difference is mind blowing. I'm a criminal here. Very sad & unfortunate!
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  7. That's why they give out medical cards. Canabis is good for anxiety, as well as insomnia and many other issues they were giving us pills for that gave us terrible side effects.
  8. Cannabis deflated my ego and allowed me to release any insecurities I had in high school. Definitely made me a better person
  9. Really happy you discovered this about yourself. While I am on antidepressants, I also like to smoke a little MJ to take the edge off, especially when I'm super stressed.

    Good luck to you; your journey has just begun

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  10. I bet your husband is loving you on cannabis as much as u are lol

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  11. Oh yes it is the same for me too. I often get depressed and saddened by life so weed helps keep that at bay. Well the way life is and all of the abuse I had to endure growing up which has pretty much resulted in me having PTSD.
  12. ∆ this right here!
    Cannabis really is a wonder drug in that sense. I admit it isn't always for everyone, but for some it really is the best medicine there can be. I use it for depression, anxiety, and to keep some selfish anger problems at bay. I'm a happier person and it has allowed me to just be a better person to the people around me.
    Congrats on finding your "cure"!

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  13. Sure beats the side effects of an SSRI...

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