Finally! It Came!!

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  1. Finally after months of dealing with EDIT and their horrible amount of backorders I got my RooR Lil Sista' icemaster. I'm so happy, just took three hits out of her last night and I was good for hours, the hits are so smooth. In fact it's about time for me to wake and bake.

    Sorry for the bad iPhone picture quality, I'll have more up soon with a real camera.

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  2. loooks like a nice ass tube.
    do you only have the stock see through roor bowl
  3. Looks nice man have fun with her
  4. badass bong man, have fun ripping her

  5. I actually have a nice Molino rasta bowl that I got with the bong, sorry I forgot to take a picture and I wasn't even stoned. :p

    When I take some good pictures I'll be sure to put that up.

  6. Yes she is :D
  7. nice ass bong dude, i actually ordered a new bowl and a little glass bong from EDIT a couple days ago, it said they shipped it wonder how long that'l take hah

  8. Just hope what happened with me doesn't happen to you. They will send the bowl and tell you the bong is on backorder or some shit. Not to worry you, hope it is a great piece!
  9. I ordered one about a week and a half ago, I got the dispatched email saying it was shipped the day after i ordered it, hopefully its coming the begining of the week... Itll be 2 weeks wednesday. Sucks that you cant track it after it leaves the UK.
  10. looks good my man. if you don't mind me asking, how much was that? without shipping and stuff.

  11. Well once it arrived and I took the first hit, it was worth the month and a half wait for me. :smoking:
  12. yea im stickin with it.. i just hope it comes soon, ive wanted to order one for so long and just got around to it... im gona wait as long as it takes which hopefully is only a few more days... ill stick to my blunts till then.
  13. Haha good choice. What kind of bong did you order if I may ask.

    :EDIT: answered my own question by re-reading.
  14. Nice, man. Let's see some milk. :bongin:

  15. It was pretty expensive, it is a RooR. But I had the extra money. The bong itself was 200.00, because I had to order of EDIT. No local headshops carry any good glass around me. :(

  16. I will attempt to though it won't be in the league with yours :p
  17. nice bong dude

    edit: i thought the title said "Finally I Came!!!" lol

  18. ROFLCOPTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats jokes.....nice bong me the milk !

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