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  1. Whats up G.C.!?!

    Just got home from signing up for my phlebotomy classes, nobody is home so i'll share my enthusiasm with you folks! Well, I just moved out to Colorado a month ago with my girlfriend and it is absolutely amazing out here. We have a small house with awesome GROWING potential, I'm so stoked to be able to finally put together a serious grow op. Also , I have scheduled an appointment to get my med card. I feel like I just landed in the promise land :hello:

    Mostly though, I'm excited about going back to school, my girlfriends parents are helping me pay for my phlebotomy certs and since they are both doctors (oncologist, endocrinologist) they are setting me up with a job at the hospital which will pay for my tuition to become an R.N . I rarely ever get oppurtunities like this so I'm just gonna take it and run with it .

    Oh on another note, my girlfriends dad smokes with us and keeps talking about how we should start a family dispensary.... He doesnt know we grow yet though.... who knows maybe he will put up the funding...

    Well thats the end of my ramble, I'm off to smoke a Victory Bowl of some awesome lavender headies that i bought off a hippie at the park in boulder:smoke:

    ps. Check out my grow, Its in my Sig!

  2. congrats bro. Good luck on the grow!
  3. Thats tight dude. Glad everythings working out for you.

    Ive always wanted to own a dispensary that would be so sick. In fact I might minor in buisness just in case whenever weed becomes legal, I wanna get into that game.
  4. That sounds like you're living my dream life. Very awesome. Congratulations.
  5. don't you have to live there for a year to get a medical card? just asking because i have some friends that moved out there recently too and that's what they think.
    regardless, sounds awesome man. enjoy your new life!
    p.s. that super stealth grow room you have is BADass! so fucking cool. you're a lucky man.
  6. Things keep getting better and better haha, I just went out to my car which hasnt been starting for the past few days, hit the starter with a wrench and now its turning over with no problems.... gotta love stoner super powers!

    oh and screwstoned, as long as you've got a CO DL, Utility Bill, or Paystub, You're golden, tell you friends to jump aboard the mmj train:D

    Anybody else having a fantastifucking day?
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    Unfortunatly not, Im sick and my throat hurts like a bitch, and I just drank the last 10mls of my tussinex :(. But Im happy for you!

    A med card is like my dream lol
  8. Congrats dude that sounds awesome. Good luck with the grow.
  9. Sounds like things are going great for you. Happy for you man.
  10. Thats awsome, serriously, hopefully my career in plant breed/agronomy works out :)
  11. alright I just told my friend that and he said you lose all of your government health care and social security stuff.. is that true?

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