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FINALLY ! im done

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by baboonsbehind, May 27, 2010.

  1. Whats up blades, today i finally finished high school, with a 3.6 GPA. Ive been in many honors classes, accepted into every college i applied(USF,JU,UNF,UCF), and have 3/4 of my college paid in scholarships . Ive been smoking since freshman year, and just wanted to give another fuck you to those who say weed makes you lazy.

    THanks :smoking:

    oh yeah smoked a few bowls before my amer. govt honors final, got a 90 hahaha
  2. Congrats man, another excellent example of proving the "statistics" wrong! :hello:
  3. Awesome grats :)

    I'm so happy I'm done with high school. College is so much better because they treat you like an adult instead of a10 year old kid.
  4. Seasoned Tokers .... high school .... wtf?

    No wonder I stopped cruising this forum a long time ago.
  5. When I graduated High School I had been smoking for like 10 years, I'm pretty sure that's enough to be Seasoned, of course I dono about this guy but I'm just saying don't judge a book by it's cover.
  6. Dude, OP already stated he's been smoking since freshman year. Perhaps four years isn't quite "seasoned" enough for you?

    And let's not try and use the age argument either. Four years of smoking is four years of smoking. You don't have to be a certain age to do it, and experience can really be gathered at any age on this particular topic.

    Now wisdom on the other hand, is something that comes with age...:D
  7. +Rep for truths
  8. Congrats man, I too had my last day of high school today. I don't consider myself 'seasoned', as I've only been smoking for about 2 1/2 years, but I do like to cruise this forum for advice and interesting threads.

    Today marked the end of my 4 years at what was ranked Newsweeks 41st best High School in the USA. I'll be graduating on June 5 with a cumulative GPA in the range of 3.1-3.3, and I've taken all Honors courses and 3 AP courses as well.

    I haven't done much in the way of earning scholarships, and the Army decided I wasn't good enough to be one of 7 accepted out of the 200 ROTC applicants for my University of choice, so I'll likely be enlisting in the Marines in the near future to take advantage of the Montgomery GI bill.

    Fuck the stereotypes!
  9. I've been smoking for a good 4 years, rolled at least a hundred joints and variations, I roll a nice blunt, I've dealt with cops, parents, school, I served for a while, I know my strains , probably spend too much time memorizing characteristics of each, I've owned every kind of piece, sadly I know how it feels to break a 250$ piece :/ I might not be as seasoned as some of you on here but I'm no amateur
  10. The fuck man, you were toking in grade school?
  11. Thanks for all the support guys, grasscity has very much become
    a part of my life , blaze on :smoking:
    +rep to all of you
  12. I love stories like this - I smoked all the way though uni and it had absolutely no effect on my grades. I graduated electrical engineering with honors and a 3.7 GPA.
  13. very good son. yet another good example of cannabis's effect on the brain.
  14. I've been smoking for two years and I have two days left of high school. Graduating June 6th as one of three salutorians... 3.98 GPA. Fuck AP Calculus to fucktown

    Congrats :)

  15. I have one thing to say to this....... Michael Phelps. Any one who can earn EIGHT Olympic gold medals and still smoke weed....well need I say more
  16. You come into a thread like this and that's all you have to say? How do you have so much rep :eek:

    Grats OP, keep proving the stats wrong. Weed won't affect your school work as long as you don't get caught with it.
  17. ...


  18. Again....... Michael Phelps.

  19. Why do you have to post stuff like that? How about showin some respect for this dude who is just happy that he graduated highscool. Why does it matter what age you are. What's the diffrence what age you are, four years of smoking is four years.. Don't be so negative man

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