Finally (if you dont care about my love life dont bother entering...)

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. well most of you should know about that girl i was talking about at the beginning of july that i really like but had a boyfriend and all...

    well last night we were talking and she told me how she's realized that her boyfriend is totally wrong for her and that she should have been with me all along :D

    even went as far as to say that if she had never met me, there would be a void in her life. she really digs me, which is great, because I like her more than any girl ive ever met. I was up till 6 am with her on the phone 2 nights ago, just talking about anything. it was the most fun ive had in a while.

    If all goes right i should be at her house in her hot tub later tonight ;) wish me luck :D
  2. Awwwww....that's so sweet!

    I'm happy for you, dude. I'd wish you luck but it doesn't sound like you need it. I'll just send some cool vibes you way.

    Have fun!!!! :D
  3. score.... good for you... thats how life should be.....hope everything works out for you...

  4. :eek: :) :) :)

    so happy for ya dude.

    so, so happy. sounds like you need no luck, sounds as if everythings gonna be just fiiiine!

    wishin ya all the happyness you deserve.
  5. oh man, was just talkin to her for a bit.

    god damn she so fucking sexxay i cant stand it. i got a picture of her, but i dont think im gonna put it up. and anyways, the picture is of her at 17,\, so its not acurate...

    at 430 shes callin me too see if we are on tonight. HER plan was for us to get drunk and play strip poker in her hot tub ;) sounds good to me!! ill tell you all how it goes.
  6. :: does cool music ::

    OH YEAH! ( Duffman Style )
  7. hahah oh man! she ended up getting really sick that night! hahah it was kind of funny anyways....

    but we are going out now! which is excellent!!!!

    we just talked on the phone all night instead. shes fealing better today BUT i have plans to spend the day with my pal jackie in the city cuz its her birthday and theres fireworks too, sooooo shes calling my tonight and we are making a new plan for tomorrow. hahah damn god doesnt seem to want me and her to be together, very odd things seem to happen that keep us apart (etc. a random visit from grandparents that live across the country/her best friend getting raped (more terrible than odd, but the dude has since had his ass kicked by MANY people, and is in court/jail blah blah)

    so nothin YET, but i did talk to her cousin who she is best freinds with, and her cousin says she totally loves me and talks about me all day, i do and feel the same, so Im just gonna wait out any crap shes gotta sift through right now. By the time september comes around we'll be doing just great.

    more updates as they develop.

    (ps, we stayed up till 4 am on the phone last night watching porn that was on cable tv together ;) by the way, did i mention shes bisexual. man theres nothing better than talking to your girlfriend about hotties and tits )
  8. awww thats so sweet! hope everything works out !

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