Finally... I have trichs,

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  1. I posted awhile back about no trichs on a very nice gurl.I got new nutes and am now seeing some sparkles.Still really small but they are there.I went back and figured my time and its just now about 7-8 weeks into flower.Damn its tough to wait.But wait I will.And its gonna be dank.What do you good folks think?If you can zoom in on the pic it gets better.

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  2. looks great partner, wait it out and she'll treat you good.:smoke:
  3. she looks pics of entire plant....if sativa it could take 12 13 week...when did you start counting light flip or first sign of sex...think you still have a few weeks to go.......would suggest a radioshack hand held microscope...$13 which you can use to examine trich's.....clear..dont harvest...cloudy've worked too hard to harvest early peace deacon:smoke:
  4. Thanks,I hate to show the whole thing.Its kinds sad.Helps me see and think if I had done it to the max how much it could have really done.Live and learn or die and don't.

    I do have a pic from 4 weeks ago.I'll try and post it.Its about 7-8 weeks into true flowering.

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  5. that plant has a huge main cola lol, looks good tho definetly not sad
  6. If a plant is stuck without sufficient nutrients, it might be prevented to flower. Earlier pic shows some deficiency in the lower yellowish leaves.... had a plant that was a small pot, waiting to flower. But in full soil and was flowering 3 days later....
  7. plant looks fine...they just look nasty during the final flower...usin' up what they stored for the nature they dont have anybody pourin food over em:smoke:

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