Finally! I am soon free of my mother's evil claws!

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. I'm moving out. Yay.
  2. some truly good news :D

    grow 'em big and strong, hehe
  3. ahhhh...
    she's your mom..... no matter how much youthin not... your gonna grow to miss her 'shit'......

    but good luck in the interm..... hope the move works well...
  4. You don't understand my way will I ever miss her shit.

    I think her mission is to get me in the hospital again..she knows I'm depressed, but she likes to belittle me anyway. She doesn't give a shit at all about my feelings, she only cares about money. My mother makes me feel lower than anyone else ever has. And she knows it.
  5. well good reasoning then.....hope you find better things in the new place.... be happy...moves are
  6. smoke more dope, sometimes i think its the only thing keeping me from slitting my wrists.

    or reading a book.
  7. [sarcasm intensity=100%]
    Yeah what a bitch for providing you with a roof and all the nice mod cons you like so much.

    Evil cow.

    God damn bitch, bet she fed you too, fucking horrible. And paid the bills? BITCH! My lord I've never heard some terrible treatment!

    Report her, report her.


    Yeah, we all know parents can be bastards/bitches to us as teenagers but strangely in most cases despite how it may appear we have your best interests at heart.

    And as for money.... sorry girl but children are EXPENSIVE, we have the right to bitch, we like to treat ourselves now and again too.

    Sorry, you picked a sore point. I see so many kids with genuinely evil parents that I find your complaining a tad petty. Have they ever beaten you up so badly that you can't walk for several days? Have you ever vomitted blood because of the beatings? Have they ever taken money for people to have sex with you? Did your parents ever sell the stuff your grandparents gave you in order to buy drugs or alcohol? Have you had to care for all your younger brothers and sisters because daddy left before you were born and mommy fucks for drugs?

    All of the above are far from uncommon.

    Count your blessings, no one else will count them for you.
  8. Damn sureshot, what a buzzkill. But really, I didn't see too much petty bitching from the hempress. Just "stupid bitch".. which almost all teens think about their parents.
  9. Well excuse me for being a parent who would be PRETTY FUCKING PISSED OFF if my kids called me a bitch (or the gender correct version) or evil.

    People seem to forget that these are pretty strong words.

    People also need to be reminded to count their blessings now and then.

    As she said, happy news. So why then sprinkle it with teenage angst??

    As for what you say about it being the same for all teenagers, yeah, i said that already, I understand that, like I said count your blessings.

    Buzzkill, cha, that's half the fucking problem with people these days, it's all about instant gratification and the self.

    Sorry mang, i might have killed your buzz or her buzz, but hers killed mine if you want to put it that way.


    Anyway, I'm sure rent, bills and the joyous politics of house sharing will be enough to keep the girl in question more than busy enough to forget entirely about the so called bitch of a mothers treatment.



  10. ^^^ true wisdom, in fact it's almost exactly what I wanted to say

    huzzah for the Hempress!
    huzzah for freedom!!!
  11. edit critter :D. Good luck hempress

  12. No my mother hasn't, but she let my step-dad do it. My real dad used to beat me with beer bottles and lock me in closets because I didn't want to learn algebra when I was 4. My step-dad used to beat us with a paddle 3 inches thick with holes drilled in it...which he actually broke on me.

    Yes, but my mother didn't fuck for drugs...she was a waitress. I have been taking care of my younger brother and sister since I was 7 (my brother was 6 and my sister was 1) don't act like you know everything about me...I was trying to be easy on my mother...there are plenty worse things I could say.

    And I'm not a teenager. I'm 20.

  13. I'm Hempress' boyfriend...for your information you know nothing about her or how her family really is. You have no right to say any of the things you said. You don't know anything about how her mom treats her or about what she's going through right now. And she's not a teenager, she's 20 years old. Why don't you just mind your own business?

    She would have said worse things about her mother, but after all's said and done she still loves her.
  14. All things aside, I'm really stoned and Tenacious D rocks.
  15. i fuck for drugs and feels good, and i get rich..whats wrong with that?

    i do have ghonorhea tho

  16. ummm..... srry to mention this... but did you think before you typed this..... she posted a thread man, the point of this action is to have people comment on what you have to say..... him minding his own business would void the point of the forum. logic.

    im not trying to start anythign or say anyone is right or wrong, but everyone is entitled to thier own opinions.....

    If you post a sensative subject..... expect sensative answers....may it be from either side...

    The Hemptress seems like a smart girl, im sure she can handle anything someone says on the forum just fine....
  17. And the moral of this thread is:

    Before you go around finding things "a tad petty", know that you don't know exactly what's going on to be able to find it petty in the first place.

    What's wrong with it being all about instant gratification and the self..
    And you WERE/ARE a buzzkill.. ohmygod I'm sorry I said it now. :D She's tryin to do the little "yay I'm moving out" dance and you gotta pop a squat on her thread.
    Evil and bitch aren't REALLY strong words. To me at least. But it's different for everyone.

    LOL at obliviot. Where did "charlie brown" come from?
    And ROFL at namron.
    And by the way.. good luck hempress.
  18. God blimey, and I had thought this was an internet forum for discussion but in ACTUAL fact it turned out to be the society for single views and narrow minded cliqueness, really should change the name....

    For those willing to discuss and willing to read BOTH sides of the story (I only see one).... serious, serious K+ for objectivity and for showing a little maturity.

    For those who resorted to insults.... *yawn* like I CARE?? Come now, you can do better than "Fuck Off", surely?

    For those who believe evil and bitch are words of little consequence.... fair play, that makes you crude and a little ignorant though.

    For those who say keep your nose out of other people business.... I will if you don't put it in the fucking public domain in an internet forum thread idiot. If you want your business to remain private keep it as such.

    For those who say I was putting a downer on her thread... try fucking reading and understanding an entire post before hitting reply cos someone is picking on your buddy whatever her name is. The point of my post was count your blessings, enjoy your move and don't fucking sprinkle it with angst and blame. Too many people need to blame others. Who cares whose fault it was? Why not just get on with it?

    For those who state that there is nothing wrong with instant gratification and selfishness... you are a victim of MTV. Get a job as an accountant.

    For those boyfriends who defend their women... very admirable quality there "drummer", you must be commended for your loyalty. I still don't care what you say as I wasn't being horrible, just real. Hey mang, life is hard.

    For those who have been fucked over by their family.... i don't really care what happened to you to be honest girl, if all that happened then hey yeah, I'm sorry, we're all sorry, people shouldn't be treated like that and it's good for you to get out, go, live your own life. BUT in my post I didn't say anything about knowing about you, the point is though there are millions of people just like you. Hey read your own post and tell me it doesn't make you sound like a whinging teen. I was asking you to count your blessings, to look at the good things in your life....but hey do what you like... I REALLY REALLY REALLY couldn't give a flying fuck. What I would say though is this, whatever has been done to you, whatever wrongs have been commited calling your mother a bitch ain't going to help. Two wrongs as they say, don't make a right.

    Oh yeah, and as an aside. Could the Grasscity clique get the fuck off my cock? I have every right to give my opinion, if it disagrees with yours then boo hiss, get over it.

    "Of course you're accepted here, we accept anyone, we're very tolerant.... as long as they agree with us"

    Have a lovely day.

  19. Yeah basic civility.

    That was my original point.

    Like I said it's all dependent on POINT OF VIEW.

    As an aside.....

    Hey if "bashing" is against the rules so be it. But if bashing is sarcasm and opinionation to what seemed like a teen agnst post then hey, your rules can also get off my cock (your rules which incidentally are very hypocritically applied - let's play guess the under eighteen for a start.....). If her original post had said yay i'm moving out at last free of the beatings from my step dad i would have not even bothered posted (my equivalent of "yay") however the post implied spoilt antics (oh no i can't have my cable modem) and I'm sorry, in the post when I knew what had happened I didn't bash, i didn't schmooze but why should I? I speak my mind and speak staright, some may say brutal, but once again, wishy washy nicey nicey might be your style but it ain't everybodies.

    I still stand by if you put your private life in a PUBLIC domain then you are automatically waiving your rights to non comment on the issue.

    I appreciate your desires to keep this as a nice friendly friction free zone but by doing it seems to me you are pandering to the typical youth of today who wants it all to come easy.

    Either way it matters nil, like a CD autochanger in Mosside, I'm gone.

    Let the triviality and bs resume.

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