Finally have some money to pick up some decent glass!

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  1. I have $170 in my paypal from eBay selling.
    I need to spend it.

    I want a thick, nice, awesome pipe.
    Where to order it from?

    Have TRIKky custom make one?


  2. sent a pm

    a custom made bong will cost you well over 170
  3. lol get you $10 in blunts and roll some godfathers...
  4. i got a nice medicali straight tube for under that so that's a good brand to look at
  5. Im buying a pipe

    not a tube

    lol im baked
  6. you may be able to find a roor straight tube 12inch for that price range.

    If not I would save money up for a little more to get some quality glass it really will outlast the china merch.

    Edit : Saw you wanted a pipe.

    Deff get a sick worked sherlock
  7. Why would you want a pipe with 170 ?
  8. maybe he wants a nice heady pipe
  9. Maybe hes just calling a bong a pipe
  10. Uh oh.

    Check your local headshops, I got a nice worked dry sherly for $120 from a local store. Local blown by a dude name Brian.

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