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  1. Whats up everbody! Yesterday I am so happy to say I bought sime cfls for my badseed olant I have growing! I bought 4 23watt (actual watts) 5000k bulbs. They also put out 1600 lumens per bulb. I know I have alot of stuff to buy like more soil, carbon filter, grow box, nutes and all that but I just want to know if anyone has any tips or suggestions to give, I also bought a 6in oscillating fan, thanks for any help as always everyone!

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  2. Get the lights closer, make sure there's holes in your cup, and are you growing that in your pantry?
  3. I have it growing in my closet right now and I will most certainly move them closer, its about 9 in tall now and the leaves are starting to look a little droopy is that okay?

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  4. A better pic of it

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    I was at the same point as you last year... if I could give advice to my former self it would be don't spend so much on CFL's and makeshift equipment...
    you're gonna wanna buy some real equipment soon (HID lights, tent, etc.)
    also keep electrical wires and appliances above waist high and water, soil, etc. below waist high... safety first  :smoking:
    edit: the plant is real stretched out because its trying to get closer to the light, keep CFL's like 3-4 inches away... other then that, looks good, learn what you can... remember dont water until the soil is BONE dry, whenever you come across a problem your first course of action should be... leave it the fuck alone! lol most of the time it will fix itself.
    good luck brotha
    droopy leafs are ok, probably over watered, just let it chill and the get some air when the soil dries out, roots need lots of oxygen so dont drown them
  7. Holes in the cup! Like SSSD said, LITFA! :bongin:

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  8. I have three holes in the bottom of my cup, I stuck them woth an old hot dabber two days before I planted hahaB)

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  9. I moved the lights alot closer but im giving them 6hrs of darkness right now, also as far as better lights go im starting to save up for an appollo 300w led panel, its like $230, I cant go with a hps cause I cant cut holes in my apartmemt but as I make my money im gunna slowly by the upgrades as needed like the tent, lights, carbon filter, nutez and all that, thank you for replying I appreciate all the help I can get!

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  10. How long do you plan on growing in that little cup half full of dirt?
    I'm in an apartment, I have a 600 watt HID light running in a tent in my closet, I have a 240CFM fan venting it straight into the living room and my temps range from 75-80.. 
    LED lights seem pretty cool tho, I don't know much about them but I've read the good ones are real good and the cheap ones are real cheap, another piece of advice is do a lot of research on what you buy before you spend, When I was getting started I saw a bunch of stuff I thought I needed that I later found out would not have been a good choice for me

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