finally had a great friday

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  1. im always posting bout my problems in here and never shared something positive.. so here it goes :D :
    it was friday,
    got the number of a girl i like..
    got invited to a party by some girlz in school..
    been 3 weeks im out of green.
    got no money for bus tickets..
    party too far and dont wanna go unlss im high... no money for bus tickets and will be missions jst to reach their house
    screw the party..
    hoping that one of my friend got some green so he could come over and smoke me up and my other friend (told him i would play him)
    friend got no money at all and is out of green
    im by now thinkin this friday is a flop
    told my friend (the one that wanted to get smoked up with me) to reach over my place (he lives like 1.5 hours away by bus?)
    he reaches...
    we decide to chase for green in the mall and chill
    we listen to some music on apple store and we chill
    its 7 and still can't find no one selling green
    7:30pm we finally found someone
    he looks pretty guetto so i knew we were getting ripped
    he hands me over the weed and im thinkin thats a 0.3 may be 0.4 MAX
    i pay 10$ and im pissed as hell cauz im thinkin i got ripped
    get back home and get my scale pipe lighter
    scale the weeed and its 0.8!!!!! so im rlly happy at this point that i finally got a connect RIGHT next to my house and he told me hes available 24/7
    we smoke up and i get REALLY HIGHHH .. highest i got probably...
    we walk to mall for some food but its closed (was 9 20 by then)
    we walk 10-15 minutes chillin and having a high talk to subway
    we buy a footlong and share that
    i buy a footlong for my bro
    walked to the bus station, my friend is takin the bus to leave, and we're having a good talk bout money and bitchez
    my friend leaves
    i get back home my bro is excited that i got some weed
    we toke up in the staircase of my apartment.
    both of us are really high by noww
    we chill down my lobby (live in apartment, 5 minutes away walkin from a mall and basically everything)
    we go upstairs and we share that subway footlong
    take a nice warm shower at 2am
    3am im sleeping like a baby after one trippy fun day.

    end. :hello:
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    prejudice much...

    but why buy if you knew he was gonna rip you off why buy it in the first place..??

    but hey glad your day worked out...

    don't you have a regular dealer..??
  3. wow i just read this and im going to say that your like 13. Honestly, why did you write it like a poem or some shit (look at the format), and the fact that you can't spell. Im sorry this kid is for sure underage
  4. he's probably 18+,
    i can come out of nowhere and call you underage to...
    OMMMMGGG my post count is hiiiiigher then urs your GONE BUDDY@!... not
    and he wrote it like that cause it was easier to follow then a big block of text.
    am i right?
  5. I do have one another dealer. But he lives far from my place. I got to pay 4 bucks just to reach his house and come back and he doesn't answer my calls most of the time.
    And you honestly don't know what I've been through with weed dealers just to say that since he's ghetto he's going to rip me off.
    We were desperate and he went somewhere to get the weed and handed me the bag, so I couldn't give it back or said I don't want to buy or he would off literally stabbed me.

    Sorry but I don't think you should be talking either since you wrote "your like 13".

    Exactly. :laughing:
  6. he must be 18
    not 13
  7. sweet man i eat sub way and get baked all the time to garuntee a good ass day. i like the part where u were like " then we talked bout bitchez n money" lmao

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