Finally got some shrooms!

Discussion in 'General' started by FearAndLoathing, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Awesome, after a really long time of searching I finally grabbed a half ounce of mushrooms. Im so happy, gonna be doing them on friday, I was with some friends that were trippin on them last night and they said they were pretty good shrooms. So I'll probably eat like 4-5 grams.

    I got a bit of salvia left over, and Im thinkin of smoking it during my shroom trip. Anyone ever tried this combination? Was it good/would you do it again? Salvia doesnt last very long at all, so I dont see any problems it would cause.

    So should I take them together? Discuss.
  2. By saying, "Finally got some shrooms," do you mean you got them for the first time? Or just the first time in a while?

    If its your first time ever, and they're good mushrooms, I wouldn't eat 5 grams. You can always eat more if you need to, but it hards to get rid of the mushrooms you already ate.
  3. Nah, Ive done plenty of mushrooms. But this is the first time I got any since last Halloween.

    I dunno, I find that redosing doesnt do a whole lot. One time I ate 3 grams, then 2 hours later I ate another 3, and it barely even did anything.

  4. thats because you have to eat them in quick succession....because tolerance to shrooms builds up fast
  5. Well, any thoughts on the mix? I'm gonna be doing them tomorrow...
  6. 5 grams all at once. And don't eat anything for 4-6 hours before eating the mush.
  7. Ya man, I know all about taking shrooms, the question I'm asking is about smoking the salvia while I'm on them.
  8. Just smoke the salvia anyway.
  9. Wow, I had a pretty awesome trip. I ended up eating 4 grams of mushrooms. Started off as a nice mushroom trip, I was trippin with my good friend who also ate 4 grams and we were just chillin in his car parked at this conservation area. We were havin a good time, just talking about like everything and listenin to some tunes. haha, we had like a 20 minute conversation about how fucked up it was that mosquitos live off the blood of others. The sun was setting and the sky was all red and it was really cool to look at the clouds because they were moving and swirling and it was pretty sweet. We went for a nature walk for a bit then came back to the car. So about like 2 hours after eating the mushrooms we decide to smoke the salvia.

    I was pretty much at the peak of my high at this time. I had .4 grams of salvia so we split it in half and packed a bowl in my pipe. I smoked the bowl, took me 3 hits to finish it, held the smoke in for like 15 seconds each hit. What happened next was the craziest trip of my life. Pretty much as soon as I let out the smoke from the second hit I was feeling it. I was trippin like crazy, total open eye hallucinations. I looked at the clouds and I saw all these faces just appearing and disappearing, and a whole bunch of other shit I cant even describe. It was so unreal. Lasted for a good 5-10 minutes, although it seemed like a lot longer, then I went away and I was back to tripping on the mushrooms. It was INTENSE, first time I ever really felt the salvia.

    My friend smoked his bowl a few minutes later after I smoked mine and he got pretty high off it too. To anyone that has never tried salvia with mushrooms I definetly recommend it. It's short lasting but its really really good. It was really intense though, some people might not be able to handle it, but it wears off pretty fast.

    After the salvia wore off, we decided to go for a drive and take a tour of the city. We were driving down this main road, just going straight, no turns or anything and the song "Paradise City" by guns and roses came on the radio so we cranked it up. My friends got a pretty good sound system so it was really loud. Honestly, it felt so good, cruisin down the street with the song blaring, such a good song too, I was loving it. My other friend got off work and he was taking shrooms too so we picked him up, he ate his shrooms and we went to this bush party. It was such a good party too, huge fire goin, and everyone was either drinking, on shrooms or toking. And there was this one kid there that was totally fucked on 800mg DXM. I smoked a fat blunt with some people and just chilled around the fire. Good times, the guy on DXM was really entertaining to watch cuz he was fucked out of his mind. He was walking around doing like a robot walk then he would lie down on the ground and not say anything. Then out of nowhere 5 minutes later he would just jump to his feet yelling "woah". It was funny shit.

    I stuck around there until like 2am then headed home. Oh man, what a great night, I love mushrooms.
  10. shrooms are fun as fuck, its a shame they are a rare find nowadays

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