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Finally Got My First Dealer..But ??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Santorini, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    So the other night I was driving around the city asking people for some herb and finally ran across a person who had mad hookups. This dude called 8 different ppl for me, had three cars there within 30 min of first ever meeting him all with 1/8th.

    So I know I got a good connect now and Im stoked about that. :smoking:

    Only problem, the person he got it from was a new source and hasn't heard/tried it from him yet but is one of his friends ...

    (out of the three cars with the eighth he just happened to pick the new guy which I guess I can understand since he didnt know me)..

    How am I supposed to say it wasn't good weed, (was almost all brown mexibrick weed) and still get the hookup without insulting his friends stash? :confused:

    It took me over 3 months to find someone who I could count on to get me hooked up when I want/need it and not have to wait 2-3 weeks like my other connects..

    Make sense? any help is appreciated
  2. ask if he has anything more exotic, or something more fluffy, just watch your words and dont make it sound like shit weed, just ask for something better or a different connection
  3. ask for heades and see if he can even get the dankies
  4. How much did you pay? If you payed only like $20 or so, ask for something more pricey (you know price increases quality).

    Otherwise do what spaz said. Just ask for something "exotic" or fluffy and he'll understand.

    Also, what the FUCK? He called up 3 peopel to come by for a random guy on the street??? WTF???
  5. Just ask if he has anything better.
  6. Ask him for some of the best stuff he has.
  7. yeah man, doesn't hurt to ask
  8. your lucky u didnt get robbed driving around the city asking for weed
  9. This.
  10. yeah just ask him for somethin exotic.
  11. yep, as stated, call him up next time and ask if he has anything better. It wont be a big deal... he knows what weed is and he knows that it wasnt good stuff. tell him you're looking for beasters/headies/dank or whatever word you want.... im sure he can get you some better stuff.
  12. say youve built up a tollerance to most green (;))
    and you need to get dank otherwise you can't get high
  13. no big deal, just be like "you got a hook up for some high mids or KB?" he'll understand you want better bud,with no offense taken, he probably didnt even know this guy had some really bricked shit.
  14. Considered just telling him the truth? People respond to that.

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