FINALLY got busted!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Rastafari, May 22, 2010.

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    Sooo me & my boys were just chillin, blasting some Bone Thugs in the car, (Just finished treezing & only had a couple crumbs of bud and some seeds in a bag) and I'm in the back seat torched as fuck just getting a massage from the bass... and then all of a sudden I hear a knock on the window... the music stops -

    All I see is the word "SHERIFF" & a gold badge - My heart like instantly just like STOPPED fucking beating - in that one split moment a trillion thoughts burst in my mind (Marley's lyrics about police brutality, all the great highs I've had in my life, all the amazing memories, all the times I've visited & grasscity lol... etc etc)... and all I can think was - "Finally!" 3 years of burning and I never ever got busted. All this time that I've heard devoted activists preaching, I thought it was just like about our RIGHT to burn.. but once it actually happens to YOU first-hand, then you realize how really fucking corrupt this society is in this time & age really fucking is... I know I'm just ONE of 800,000+ people that this will happen to this year, but idk I felt I had to let my tears out as i type this man... what better place to let it out at than here where you guys are the only people who will understand me :(

    For those of you that might have read my plans to run away to the Amazon a while back...

    Well, I think last night just confirmed my decision :wave:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Bob Marley - I Shot The Sheriff (Live)[/ame]
  2. That sucks man, hopefully I never get caught.
  3. Well what happened!? You can't just start the story and then cut it off right as the cop walks up to your car!
  4. "finally" got busted? you say that as if youve been expecting it...

    im never getting busted. EVER.

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    Yea man just let my lesson serve as a reminder that we're not untouchable... it could happen anywhere, at anytime as it did yesterday :(
    These 6 months of sobriety are gonna fuckin suck (drug rehab program) :(
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    I used the words "finally" to quote Tommy Chong, lol.
    But you could never really be to confident bro, I thought the same thing till yesterday :(

    Oh sorry lol.. thought it was obvious lol.. but we just turned off the music, they smelled herb, then they surrounded the car, hand-cuffed us, found a few empty baggies and ONE baggie with a few crumbs/hairs in it... (and my scissors to chop up the herb along with an automatic roller)

    So my advice to you: NEVER CARRY ANYTHING AROUND IF YOU DON'T NEED IT!!! Like a dumbass I kept it in my pocket instead of dumping it when it was finished =(
  7. oh i see. well im still never getting caught im too careful and i always have a contingency strategy.
  8. I got busted once.Now I live were it's legal screw them pigs.If a man wants it bad enough he finds freedom peace WB
  9. You were smoking in a car with loud music, of course you got busted. :rolleyes:

    I've been smoking for over a decade and I don't do things like that. Amazingly I've never had a SINGLE incident with the police and cannabis.

    Yes the system is corrupt but you were being obvious. Don't be so obvious next time and you won't have any problems.
  10. If anyone gets caught smoking weed by the cops, guess what? YOU........are a dumbass. :p
  11. i wonder what people think before they bust people.
  12. you got busted cause you were saving some stems and crumbs in a bag? AND you were smoking out in public in a car with blasting bass... sigh...

    Why cant you kiddies pull yer heads out of your asses..

    Little ol lady sitting in her house prolly had her dishes rumbling from the bass , so she looks outside and see's a suspicious car , so she gets scared and calls the cops..... What else would she do (this is a hypothetical)

    but still, you managed to smoke 3 years doing this crap and didn't get busted?

    congrats !
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  13. Yea.. Lesson learned then I guess :(

    Well we weren't actually burning IN the car... we had just walked back from having a box of pizza (this was in the Papa John's parking lot [yes i know, even stupider]):eek:

  14. srsly, I worry about exactly this situation, which is why I only smoke at home or some other secure spot. can't bust me in my bedroom :smoke:
  15. I've never understood why people get so sad over getting "busted".. Busted for what? Marijuana possession under 1 oz is just a minor traffic ticket, no worst than running a stop sign. Possession of under an ounce is also NOT a jail-able offense, meaning, even if you can't pay the ticket they still can NOT send you to jail whatsoever.. My weed tickets have all been around $100 dollars so far, I forgot to take care of my last one and did a weekend in jail until I saw a judge the following Monday.. not that big of a deal :p

    And by the looks of the OP's post... it sounds like they were asking to get busted. Never smoke in a parked car just blasting music

  16. Pssssssh I wish.. that's in your state bro. i live in Florida (one of the most strict states)... here possesion under 20 grams is up to 1 year in jail, and a $1,000 fine :(

    I have a court date coming up, so we'll see what happens...

    Just don't know how I'm gonna cope without herb for 6 whole months (drug rehab program = weekly tests) =(
  17. As mean as that sounds, I have to agree with the sentiment. To actually get caught in the act of smoking or just after is usually if not always gonna be the fault of the smoker for being a dumbass. I know that was the case for me.

    I made the dumbass decision of speeding immediately after smoking a spliff on the highway. The OP made the dumb decision of smoking in a car in a public place with the trunk banging. Wait... you weren't smoking? Please explain.

    How did the cops end up in your car? Or in your pockets?
  18. you deserve it for smoking mids, dont post about mids in a seasoned tokers section.
  19. Shut up Mr. Arrogant Elitist. I know men in their 70s who have been smoking since grade school. They smoke mids.
  20. oh yes agreed. it seems to me most people who get caught smoke in their car or not in their i just stick to smoking in one of the rooms of my house. Don't have to worry about parents catching me first off i don't live with them and secondly my mom already knows i smoke and she doesn't care. so, i have a low chance , but it could still happen

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