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  1. ive been searching for a job since the beginning of summer and after months of searching i woke up today to a call from papa johns. i was so excited when i got this phone call. im really excited and looking forward to my interview tomorrow but im very nervous aswell. im not sure what there going to ask or be looking for and any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated:wave:
  2. walk in there knowing you got the job. if you know you already got the job it doesnt matter how you answer the questions, and therefore you will be yourself. and thats the ticket to any interview.

  3. And don't be wacky, that too
  4. smoke a bowl before you go in there, that way you wont be nervous.
  5. bring a blunt to share with interviewer.:smoking:
  6. lol
    You I like
  7. It's Papa Johns dude. If you are even somewhat lucid and don't smell like a dumpster you would have to be literally functionally retarded not to get the job. And even then the government would get the job for you.

    Long story short, don't be nervous. And if you don't get this job, you might as well start checking on the price of the baking soda.
  8. Probably not a good idea.
  9. basically focus on not doing shit bad

    ie dont be nervous. dont be rude. dont look like a bum. dont be a idiot. dont be shy

    i think that about covers all of it. dont do that, and you should have the job, with some half decent experience.

    getting high at work, makes it more fun, and time go buy easier/faster = WIN
    getting high at work + all that and getting to eat some DIRTY fresh self made grimey pizza while getting fucking paid = EPIIIIIIICCCC STONNNNERRRR WINN!!!!

    fuck i want pizza now
  10. I was hoping that was sarcasm. Surely even people on this forum aren't stupid enough to get high before an interview.
  11. Mr. DeadRat,

    I would like to invite you in for an interview. Can you be here at 4:20P? Please bring a copy of your resume, and some rolling papers.

    I look forward to meeting with you.


  12. grats on the interview.

    Just be polite, confident, and relaxed.

    (that doesn't mean get high beforehand)

  13. its probably easy. do they give DTs though?
  14. Don't be stealing my future employees! DeadRat, come to me and I will SUPPLY the rolling papers ;)

  15. i think if any pizza place drug tested they would not have any employees
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    don't wear a suit.
  17. you speak truth.

    I wouldn't be surprised to say that 90% of the people smoke where I work
    Yeah I think it would be safe to say you have the job if they called back. Don't go in there looking like ass, and look at them when you're talking to them. Ya know the basics, and you'll be fine.
  18. man. delivering pizza's sounds wicked. i should apply :)
  19. I used to work at papa johns. My interview consisted of two questions.

    Do you have a drivers license?
    Do you know your way around the town?
  20. Damn, the competition is crazy in this market :eek:

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