finally got a job!

Discussion in 'General' started by married2mj, May 27, 2010.

  1. finally found a job for the summer. i start 830 tmorrow morning. soon as i got off the phone i smoked a fatass bowl

    carpentry, working on building houses and stuff.

    who else loves man's work and says fuck that pussy working in a store shit :mad:

    gonna go back to school next semester a grown ass man :D

    cheers time to pack #2 :smoking:
  2. That's how I got my start. Good luck with it!
  3. Congrats..........

    Are you going to be a laborer, apprentice or a full-blown carpenter?
  4. I used to do landscaping and make $150-200 a day...the lady at the bank said i made more than
  5. Congratulations sir! I also start work tomorrow. I've been unemployed for a whole year so I'm really looking forward to it.

    Best of luck in your new position. :)

  6. word. sounds like a job your gonna enjoy. have fun mate and gratz. :hello:

  7. Congrats to you two. As of today I have a job as well. I start Tuesday :)

    I won't be posting as much, but that could be a good thing.
  8. cool man. I have always liked construction and it is more rewarding then sitting behind a desk. Congrats
  9. Haha, I start a new job tomorrow too! Congrats man.
  10. I dont give a fuck what anyone says but planting and mulching flowerbeds is mans work. But fuck being indoors all day I love landscaping and being outside doing physical work all day. I mean sure I get the occasional sunburn and sore muscles.

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