finally got a job!

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  1. so i beat the shit out of the piss test too, been flushing my system for the past 3 days with water, cranberry juice, and creatine (for when they test creatine levels to be sure its not diluted). this was after 4 months of heavy use till 5 days ago.

    the cranberry juice detox shits were worth it.

    anyway about the job, im going to be sorting and packing linens for rental homes for a real-estate company and it pays $11 an hour for 28 hours a week possibly more when needed. time to smoke the other half of that bowl i started before i found out they drug test lol (last of me weed too lol).

    bonus funny story:
    went for the test earlier today and in the parking lot i made awkward eye contact with an older (50-60) gentleman. while i was signing in he apparently placed his beverage down before he signed in next to the seat next to the one i chose. had he been sitting there i would've sat somewhere else but im so glad he wasnt. talked to him for about 10 minutes and he was telling me about how he's done every drug under the sun and we talked about how bullshit pre-employment testing is and how in his day nobody cared. anyway i will never forget that man because of this one simple quote "hell i spent 20 years of my life on the moon." this dude is straight up OG and im so glad i had the pleasure of meeting him.
  2. Welcome to the world of being a wage slave, comrade :p
  3. Another plebe to pay into the corrupted system :devious:

    Congrats, man! It's gotta feel good. I just landed myself a new job this afternoon and I'm on top of the world
  4. thanks guys. start tomorrow at 9am. that part im not too thrilled about but that just means i get to come home and start smoking earlier. dont really like being up all night anyway.
  5. use synthetic urine

  6. wow your reading skills aren't great.
  7. Word congrats man I just started my new job monday
  8. way to go man! send some vibes my way.. im still hunting
  9. We've never really gotten along, but it's nice to see that something worked out for you.
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    Drug test for a shitty job like that?

    You must still live with your parents because 28hours a week isn't going to pay for shit man, ESPECIALLY if you have a vehicle, alcohol and or tobacco habit, plus your guaranteed weed habit. $11 an hour or not.

    lmao but I guess in the states $11/h is amazing
  11. I thought all Canadians were nice?
  12. Me too. Probably a FRENCH Canadian

  13. Aw man not this guy again.
  14. Hey hey hey I'm 25% French Canadian. But yeah you're probably right.
  15. You're back?

    How unfortunate...
  16. I missed it.. Whats the story with gryphonics?
  17. my friend lives on his own making less than i will in a week and he smokes as much as i do. i dont drink or smoke cigs either...

    minimum wage where i live is $7.67. i know, america sucks like that.
  18. Nothing really. He just always has something rude or negative to say and is always talking about his "pure" girlfriend or some creepy caca like that.

    He just always brings the negative vibes.
  19. just be quiet.

    I'm pretty sure every person up in here would negative rep you if we still had the option. Get off your high horse, kid.

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