Finally got a GF after 2 years since my last girl

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    WAHOOOOOOOOOOO (I'm a little high :smoke: right now)

    Oh man, I love the feeling of meeting someone you have tons in common with, is super fine, and then getting to cuddle/make out with her for hours :devious:

    I'm 19 and she's 16 ;) I know what you're thinking, but here's the good part.... I can EASILY pass as a 15 year old if I shave, 17 if I don't shave. And she's mature and looks older. But damn I think I'm feeling real love.....I've never felt such intense feeling for anyone. Obviously I'm not gonna say I love her yet....but we just connect so well. She's nerdy too which is awesome IMO. Fucking got to play mario kart and then make out/cuddle.... :D
  2. Congrats man, it's a great feeling to have a girl.

    Can't say I'd personally ever get with a girl that young though. I'm 19 as well, and I've never even kissed a girl who wasn't my age or older. Currently with a chick who's about half a year older than me. But to each his own I suppose, careful to not get fucked over and good luck with all the bullshit that comes with a younger women.
  3. I know the feeling buddy, I took quite some time to get another GF, but now that I have one, its a great feeling. Been together eight months so far, hopefully you'll do the same.
  4. Gratz bro! Just remember...the law doesn't care whether or not u shave lol ^.^ Best of luck!
  5. So howd u guys meet?
  6. [quote name='"cronicdemonic"']So howd u guys meet?[/quote]

    lol ^this guy shows up
  7. If you think you love her now just wait and wait.

  8. Through rohypnol :devious:
  9. What's his name?
  10. im 22 i fucked a 14 year old yesterday say something about it bitches.and good luck tracking me down.

  11. lmao banned?

    and why bragg hahahaha, cool shit bro.
  12. You must be some sort of badass bro

  13. Hahah through a friend!!

    That's why this is so awesome, my friends already knew her and knew she's a lot like me.... so we all hung out and it made it a lot easier.

    But yeah actually the age difference is really 2 years, I was born in 93, her in 95.

    So I mean compare that to a 20 year old dating an 18 year old....doesn't sound that bad right?

    Of course I'm keeping this on the DL, her parents ask? I'm 17. But so far she hasn't had one trace of "annoying high school bitch" , she's really easy-going but also extremely playful.

    Plus her dad is literally 71 years old, you think he gives a fuck? And apparently he's a big am I.... if he does meet me he will probably love me because i'm always respectful to parents and we both love to play guitar(and we both play jazz)

    I don't think it can get any better. I really hope this is a long term relationship (I haven't had one before)
  14. [quote name='"SickSider"']im 22 i fucked a 14 year old yesterday say something about it bitches.and good luck tracking me down.[/quote]

    Hell yea fuck it as long as you ain't trying to wife the bitch up! Right right?

  15. That's like a freshman in highschool...hell I even thought freshman were too young when I was a senior in highschool
  16. Yeah 22 and 14 is too much for me....I wouldn't go under 16, and even then she has to be mature
  17. My mum moved in with my dad when she was 17, and he was 23, almost 24..
  18. So your into statutory rape i see.

  19. Daaamn right on bro! It's been about 2 yrs for me since I broke up with my last one... thankfully it wasn't 2 years since I got laid... but...

    I wouldn't mind some cuddling :(

  20. what?

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