Finally got a cheap tent and grow light to go with my grow box. any suggestions?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Collickluke, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. my in laws bought me a stealth box with a hlg quantum 100w 3000k light 1 fan and a inline fan with Aussie carbon filter and it works great but it’s only 4 ft high so I thought I would use it for veg and use the tent for flower but for now I just put my 2 organic girls using Gaia green have power bloom also ordered the 4.4.4. It arrives today 1 cbdiesel 1 gelato #33 and 2 hydro with promix hp also 1 cb diesel 1 gelato #33.

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  2. What the fuck is going on in here?
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  3. Do you have a link to the set up they got you as well as whats in your tent would help us in helping you

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  4. in tent I hung a fan. And put it right in front of my window where the ac is them stay around 27-28 degrees and the rh stays in the 40s I have a yehsence 184 true watts triple chips in a 4x4 7 ft high. The growbox is called a stealth box. The light is a hlg quantum board 100watt 3000k and there a carbon filter with exhaust in and out in the box almost wish I could take the light and carbon filter and cans out of stealthbos and team them up with my tent??
  5. What is stopping you?
  6. Don’t wanna fuk nothin up lol
  7. What would you fuck up?
  8. Well there 4 screws on the front u take those off and the mean well driver is mounted to it then I don’t no which wires are what not very savvy and the wife doesn’t want me to do it because her parents bought us the box and I don’t wanna tell her it’s basicly useless as small as it is so I just keep saying I’ll just use it for veg.
  9. Yeah that's a good reason to not strip it for parts. I would leave it as it is and just buy a new light for the tent
  10. Yeah bud that's what I am gonna do. I hope this yehsence 1000w triple chips (284 actual watts) can run 4 plants for when I put them in flower. Right now I have 2 in the grow box and 2 in the tent but eventually I'll need to put the other 2 in the tent when they outgrow the box.
  11. Your gonna want between 40 to 50 true watts per square foot to get your plants to flower to their fullest potential

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