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finally gonna tell the pops about my affair with mary jane..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mxracer0, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. #1 mxracer0, Sep 29, 2009
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    so here's the run down..

    my aunt told on me in my freshman year(freshmen in college now) and the parents grounded me for a month *but only because my dad asked me like a weeek prior if i smoked and i they said they knew i was going to try it but i was getting in trouble for lying..

    that may sound like they are okay with it but i think it was one of those "every kid is gonna try it" type deals. but yeah, a lil history..they are very church going(mainly my mom) but yet my dad used to when he was a kid and he's actually pretty laid back and easy going about when i go out and such, so im planning on telling him this week sometime. just because it's been too long of hiding and i feel that if i tell, it'd be farrr better than if i got caught.

    -here's my plan; (feel free to critique)
    mother is out of town the whole weekend so on the night's he's usually watchin golf and such, so i plan on going down one of the days and just talkin to him about my weekend plans and perhaps bringin this girl over to spend the night (haha it's like i remind him of his youthful days when i tell him about this kind of stuff, cuz he's always telling stories of "bangin chicks" lol)
    so once that goes for a bit, ill then just say something like "so hey i wanted to talk to you about something in perticular".. "i smoke cannabis(not sure if he knows the term, so i might say marijuana)".. then depending on his reaction, i'll continue to tell him that i dont drink, or smoke cigarettes(which i dont) and this is just a way for me to kick back and have a good time. and that i am responsible about it and pretty much spitball it from there ha.

    what do you guys thiink??
  2. might want to tell him if he starts telling you stories about what he was doing when he was young and ask him if he ever smoked bud.
  3. if your dad is reasonable as you say he is... i think you're headed on the right path
  4. yea chances are your dads done alot worse than you, ..... my dad cant tell me shit about smoking because i know he was into alot of other drugs, and also into alot of other problems when he was my age
  5. You cant hide it from your parents. They will find out somehow. I mean they only have to be right once, and you have to be right all the time (referring to making a mistake or whatever). Im the most cautious person there is, and my parents found out about me.
  6. he already told me a while back he used to..but ill see if he can share some stories perhaps

    yeah he's a pretty fair guy and i'm thinking he'll actually be decent about it..i have no idea whether he'll agree that i can continue "while under the roof" or not, but i know for sure he will definately take it well, seeing that i'm actually being mature about it and respecting him by being honest.. so we'll see!

    does he know you do? and is he okay with it?
    and yeah im not too sure on his drug history per se..but im pretty sure it was just mj

    yeah man thats exactly why i'm deciding on doing this. im very cautious about everything i do as well (ex. i toke outside, come inside,put everything away in the right place, change my clothes, eye drops, germx, piece of gum and a comfy hat on to block the hair haha)

    i was going to continue untill i got caught, but i realized that it only takes one time and my chances of being honest and telling them is i do not want to push my luck any farther
  7. Haha, tried this with my mom a couple of weeks ago, she didn't take it too well. She just told me that i want her to tell me it's okay for me to go out and smoke whenever (not what i was thinking at all). But told my dad while we were both pretty drunk, watching the notradamus theory, talking about the universe and life, and he just told me him and my uncle used to do it all the time, it's not bad, but all addiction is bad, awesome fucking talk. There was sooo much more to it, even on mj, just can't remember and don't have time to haha
  8. you dad sounds pretty chill i would go ahead and tell him it will kinda be like a wieght lifted of your shoulders cuz you dont have to lie anymore. and it could be a huge bonding experience i mean i would feel good if my kid felt comfortable enough to tell me stuff like that..

    its better you tell him then him goin into your room and findin it or gettin a call sayin your son has been charged with possesion.. seriously good luck bro i hope everything works out well
  9. ahaha sounds willdd! so your dad let you toke now and what not!?
    yeah id prob get the same reaction from my mom haha
    ^this is my thoughts exactly. i totally think it would be a bit of a bonding moment and you're right..its gonna be a hugee burden(if you will) lifted. and yeah man i would feel like a piece of shit if he had to find out through a police call or something. i will definately post back for you guys, as soon as i have this discussion. im shooting for maybe tomorrow night actually

    *this may be a bit far stretched, but depending on how tolerant he'll be, maybe i can let him in on my grow as well. i'd let him know that i'm doing this because i want to completely remove myself from the "blackmarket" lol,dealing with shady people, and having to drive around with it in the car
    (another responsible thing!)
  10. it all sounded good until the grow part. He might get a little pissed that you're growing pot in his house. I would tell him about smoking, but letting him know that you grow in his house is probably pushing it. Thats just my opinion tho.
  11. well its out back in the field. but yeah it isss pushing it, and since im nearing my harvest i am probably not going to tell him
  12. okay so i just got done with the talk..
    and he pretty much said that he'd rather me not only because of its illegality and how it can be on your criminal record if your caught with posession and such,therefore causing possible conflict with future careers, etc.
    he knows its not harmful to you or anything as he said he thinks it should be legal and that its alot better than alcohol and cigarettes. i let him know that i am responsible about it and that i never put myself in a situation where i'm likely to get caught and never drive either.

    ultimately he said he wishes i'd quit with maybe an occassional holiday, and said that i am an adult so i can make my own choices..and also to never let my mom find it in the house ha.

    so finally a conclusion to a big moment in my life, it took everything for me to tell him..pretty much all week and the whole dayy waiting for the right time, but i'm glad i did and it does seem like a big weight has been lifted. although i may have some guilt toking the next few times because i dont want to be seen as a dissapointment but i will try to cut back a bit for him in some respect.
  13. Nice dude went through the same situation
  14. really!? how long ago? and whats the status now..
  15. Thats great to get that off your chest isn't it? Well, keep tokin the green smoke!:smoke:
  16. yeah man it truly is a bit of a relief! even tho i dont really feel as excited as i should.. ha i tend to feel guilty really easily about things but idk i'm just going to take extra precautions from now on about everything i do and hopefully if my girls harvest successfully i'll never have to drive with it in my car again..till next grow ha
  17. Yea about a year ago. It was with my mom though she had a biased view of smoking until I showed her some studies proving her previous thoughts wrong. She pretty much accepts me smokin now just doesnt want it in the house. Good you got it off your chest though
  18. It's your dad so whatever,

    although I reccomend smoking fat blunts in his face. Show him you mean business.
  19. Yea sort of the same situation with me.

    I got caught and had a lot of talks with my mom.

    She isn't quite as lenient though. She understands that there really aren't dangers of it, but she takes the legality issue way to far saying if I was to get caught she would lose her job.
  20. i'd just try to deny it until i actually got caught :D

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