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  1. After growing for the last 10+ years in soil, I 'm finally going to try my hand at hydro. I'm going to use DWC for my first run. I have been soaking my rockwool for 24 hours, and getting ready to cut my clones.

    I am planning on keeping the clones in a ziploc plastic tray until they root, then move them to veg DWC. My question is whether I just water the clones each day like I do my peat pellets keeping an eye on them to make sure they don't dry out, or should I always keep a small layer of water on the bottom of the tray? I think a daily watering will be enough, but wanted to check with people on here who are way more knowledgeable than myself.

    As soon as I move them to my dwc setup, I'll start a grow log. I'm going to grow Medusa and Medusa x Snow White x Medusa. both have lots of crystals and have performed well in soil for me.
  2. yeah, water them everyday, possibly every 12 hours if you can

    have it moved to the dwc system by the time you see a root stick out of the bottom (the seedling will have already popped out of the top of the rw cube and be a few inches high)
  3. As far as nutes go, I'm going to use the same AN nutes that I use in soil (Sensi 2 part, B-52, carboload, sensizym, nirvana, big bud). I've been told to mix the nutes about half strength of what the AN calculator says. Can any AN users on here confirm this?
  4. He's using seedlings popping :wave:
  5. I don't touch my clone trays to ad water unless they feel light before roots show. The initial soaking and the dome usually keep enough moisture in them to last. Once in a while I add a little water near the end if the roots haven't popped and the trays feel a little light. This is around day 7 or 8 and I usually see roots by day 10 at the latest
  6. definitely do half strength or less....half strength will probably be around your marker for max strength

    depends entirely on strain though, some can take a higher ec and some can't

    definitely get an ec meter if you can, almost essential in hydro.....with it you can truly dial in your strain

    oh, derp haha, stoned moment

    have it in the dwc system as soon as you feel it can handle it and comfortable, and definitely by the time it's shooting out a root(s) out the bottom of the cube
  7. Go completely hydro and make an aerocloner! By far the best piece of equipment in my whole room!
  8. I've already been looking at making an aerocloner, but this is my first hydro run. Baby steps...

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