Finally going to do it.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Knucks, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. And I need help deciding on a strain. I have a list of things i'd like to try. I'm only going to plant about 10 plants (Don't even know what i'd need for that, still planning, feel free to give advice) so I wouldn't use all of the seeds the first grow.

    • Big Bud OR NL x Big Buds
    • K2
    • White Widow
    • B52
    • Skunk #1
    • KC36
    • Mango

    I'm going for good yield, good quality, and decent flowering time (Not of my biggest concern). If there are any other strains you reccomend especially for those characteristics, please tell :)
  2. Anyone? Anyone?
  3. I think everyone has a strain or two that they are partial to. Personally i like AK47 or some good NL x White Widow.

    those strains you listed arent the best for what you said you wanted.

    AK-47 (Special-K)
    A 65% Sativa - 35% Indica hybrid that produces a quick stone with a long lasting cerebral high. Tall with large girth and giant calyxes it does best indoors unless you are near the equator. The aroma is spicy with a slight sandalwood taste. This can satisfy any connoisseurs' taste.

    Taste: flowery and sweet.
    Stone: strong, long lasting.
    Yield Size: average.
    Harvest Indoors: 8-10 weeks after flower forcing.
    Harvest Outdoors: not recommended outdoors.

    White Widow X Northern Lights #5
    White Widow gives Northern Lights #5 a powerful boost in this strain. Like a Super Beetle with a Porsche engine, this Indica will pack a lot of power. Specifications: ~ Flower: 55-60 days ~ Height: 3-4'

    Chronic is the plant to grow when yield and quality are top concerns. Mostly an Indica this plant can produce up to 600 grams per m2 while not compromising quality. Chronic has a strong high with a heavy resin content. Smokers that know and grow choose this plant for both appearance and it's sweet scent. Winner of 3rd place hydro division in the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup, this is chronically the best choice for growers that are tired of loosing quality when gaining yield. Indica/Sativa bred with powerful effect and sweet smell in mind. Quality without compromise, serious flower power! Specifications: ~ Flower: 7-8 weeks
  4. I heard AK-47 was very stinky, and I can't have a really stinky plant.

    I pretty much knocked it down to White Widow, NL x Big Bud, B52, Super Skunk, KC36, and Mango.

    One reason why I picked those seeds were because they seemed like good yielders/good potency, and the seeds were cheap ($16 for 10).

    I'll be growing 12 plants at a time, 4 plants (Frist batch: WW, Mango, B52) and using HPS. My only problem is i'm not sure what HPS to get yet. Any suggestions?
  5. Mango is nice so is the skunk.

    I grow ak-47, Bluethunder(55 days flowering and potent), Blueberry, Durga Mata, The Hog, RockbudxBlueberry.

    Blueberry is lovely.

  6. well from what i read go with the 400 hps maybe even higher because of 12 plants
  7. Mango is a lovely smoke and is a fairly hardy strain with a decent enough yield.

    Your other bonus is that it tends (in my experience) not to give off too much odor until the last few weeks of flowering and even then it has a very citrus smell. I guess hence the name?


    Good luck and good growing.
  8. im growin kc 36 check the link in my sig they are looking good atm + good luck:wave:

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