finally found some acid.....but this stupid girl wont give it to me

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. let me start off by saying that acid is my favorite drug, and ive been looking all over for it in my area for several months with no luck.

    i ask this new friend of mine if she knows where to get any and she says that yea but she wont get it for me because im her friend and she "cares" about me :rolleyes:. this really pissed me off and still is because i finally found a connect and this girl wont give it to me. she said she watched her friends trip but she never did it.

    so just because this girl is against acid, i cant get any. man she is my friend and i wouldnt hit a girl over something like this or at all really but my blood was BOILING.

    how do i convince her to just give me the damn tabs gc?
  2. To bad she knows your doing it you shouldve said you were getting it for a friend...
  3. Social engineering. Explain why you want it and how badly you would like to get it. It really shouldn't be that hard. :)
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    Get her really drunk and take advantage, oh wait.
  5. Or, you could just say that your last experience was bad and it will be your last time ever tripping but you would like to have a great experience first.
  6. ahhhh fuk. well that ship just sailed.....
    no you dont understand, i need to take another route. she has the same idea of acid that this brainwashed society has about weed. its not gonna work.
  7. def. wont do that. if i already had a bad experience on it AND she is against it, thats more ammunition for her NOT to give it to me.
  8. Tell her you had a really shitty experience and it changed your perspective on life and that you need to trip once more and have a good experience. Tell her it may be the only way you could ever be fully happy again. Lie to your own advantage. From what it sounds like, she doesn't know much about LSD. Just make sure you can lie well, my friend. :)
  9. Somehow, a lie is the only way to get the acid other than finding a better connect. You could tell her you're just going to get it from another source but you'd rather get it from someone who is a little more trusted.
  10. Tell her it was more of a spiritual awakening than it was a drug to get fucked up on and you want to experience the same thing again. :smoke:
  11. are you the same guy who asked us if you could take acid, talk to your parents, then go to sleep?

    If not i appologize in advance to distracting your thread.
  12. Well then YOu need to talk to her friends
    Cuz if she against it and has a connect
    Her friends would most likely be able to get you it
    ...I think?
  13. Explain to her the facts about LSD, similar as if you were trying to convince parental figures that marijuana isn't so bad. A lot of people have this thought about LSD being a 'hard, drug addict' substance whereas it's actually a very safe and productive substance.
  14. I bet shes lying ;)
  15. Hammer to the kneecaps.

  16. i lol'd
  17. both of these are true.... i'll try this is no one else suggests anything better
    nooo, i know much better than that ;)
    exactly, this is why i bet she isnt getting it from me......fuck society and the slander it put on good drugs :mad:
    i doubt it.....she has a lot of weed connects so its more than likely
    when she said no i felt like doin a sword to the vagina
  18. me too


    and do you know all of her weed hookups? how do you know she really has that many?

    and how do you know she isnt just trying to show off by saying she has all these weed hookups and acid hookups
  19. well even i knew she didnt have it im desperate enough to believe that she has it.

  20. Are you sure she has it? My first thought after reading the post was that she is lying to. I don't see the point in telling someone you can get something then saying no because they "care about you", if they cared they wouldn't have told you they can get it, and thus removed the temptation altogether.

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