Finally found a job!

Discussion in 'General' started by Durchii, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. As anybody with a record knows, trying to apply for jobs at the local Subway can be a bitch. I was talking to one of my mom's friends and she said her son worked for Comcast and said he could probably get me in for an interview. Now, I was thinking that they wanted me to go in with prior technical skill and set up cable for people, but I got a call today from my mom and she said the work was mostly digging for the cable lines at $70-100 per day plus bonuses! I don't have many bills to pay right now so I'll be stashing away money like a madman and at close to $1400 every two weeks I'll be doing well for myself. This isn't a long term thing, I'll just be doing this for a couple of months until I have enough money to possibly pay for school and move out, but it's a start!

    I just got a call from Sean and he said that he worked as a Team Leader and wants me on the rotation tomorrow morning! No interview or anything! I'm supposed to come with steel toed boots and a shit load of Gatorade, but I'm still pretty excited! This is great news for me as trying to find a job for the past year has been absolute hell. Wish me luck!

  2. Good luck man! I hope you dig your new job! Jobs that fall from the sky are the best kind of jobs. :)

    Yes, the poor pun was intended. ;)
  3. Congrats man.

    Nothing like manual labor to make you want to save up for college. :p

    I wish I could find a job out money just keeps disappearing.
  4. yay jobs.. I need to find one lol :p
  5. Congrats durchii, so are you going to become a tech. I work for a cable company too, im a lead csr, just a couple positions up from a basic csr. I just deal with sup calls for the most part. I would say that cable companys for the most part pay good, with benefits aswell. Oh and good luck with customers, some of them are COMPLETE ASSHOLES on the phone, you will have to deal with them. But pha sho mnag wish ya da best =P Oh and if ya know another language they will give u more money. Im glad me knowing spanish helps out my income, no one cares about my french and tagalog =[ haha
  6. Nah, I'm only doing digging and laying cable down. I don't have to set up for anybody at private residences or anything, which would be fun nonetheless. My friend got up to being a team leader after only two weeks of work and he might become the foreman for a set of dig teams in the next couple of weeks. Great stuff.
  7. Congrats on the job! ...Job hunting sure is draining after a while.
  8. It really is, after going through about a hundred applications I didn't even get so much as an interview.

    Well, I just picked up a pair of steel toed boots and a shit load of bottled water. I think I'm good.

  9. congrats man, i know exactly how u feel. I've bene searching for a job for about 2 months now, and just on monday did i finally get an interview and I'm now working at a movie theatre =/ we'll see how it goes. at least its a source of income
  10. Grats Durch! Hope it works out well for ya
  11. Just got off of my second eleven hour shift a few minutes ago which is less hours than we're supposed to be putting in (12 to 13 is typically what we do in a day). They wanted me to work Saturday and Sunday on top of another five day week starting Monday but I waved off that shit and decided to relax this weekend.

    I may be making bank but it's still the shittiest job I've ever had!

  12. at least your not in the fast food racket! congrats on the new job amigo
  13. Congrats on the job. It sounds pretty boring, but boring jobs pay. I'm getting a job at a screw factory.

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