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FINALLY found a guy with stuff better than middies.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sfsc, May 25, 2010.

  1. Been smoking middies since I started back up, since that's all I could find. It's pretty decent mids, but they're still mids. Probably like a 6.5 or 7 outta 10.

    Some guy that is in the same boat as me (about finding good weed) tipped me off on some guy that said he had some "good" stuff but didn't give any specifics.

    Bought a gram of Northern Lights and a gram of White Widow. Ran me $40 (was over priced, obviously, but he was stuck on that price and I wanted it), and then smoked me up with some stuff he called Grandaddy Purp.

    If I had my camera I'd show you guys. :smoke:
  2. I haven't had dank in a year. I feel bad askin the current dealer for some. I dunno.

    Anyway, how's the dank compared to mids?

  3. The mids were pretty good as far as mids go - got me an enjoyable high but I always had really major couch lock and pigging out 'issues'.

    I've only smoked a bit so far. Obvious difference is it's (obviously) stronger. No munchies to speak of, more energetic. I mixed some left over mid "crumbs" and a tiny pinch of the White Widow and that got me in trance at a party. Was sitting around at a bonfire for like an hour just staring at the fire. :smoking:
  4. you got wayyy ripped off lol. come to cali
  5. I did that a few weeks ago, me and my wife went camping and I smoked a nice fat bowl and stared into the embers of the fire for what felt like hours. It looked like a little weird city in there. lol. glad you found some good stuff :D
  6. I think fire is more "real" than most things we see in life. That's what energy looks like. Formless, bright and beautiful.

    I really want dank. It's like a different drug.
  7. #7 FCFondler, May 25, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 25, 2010
    funniest gc quote ive found thus far, sig worthy
  8. Hey man, congrats on the pickup. I am only dealing with mids as of now atm...randomly somebody picks up some dank.
  9. Can I bring everyone in my state too? I'm asking because I wouldn't want you to be over-whelmed :rolleyes:
  10. he didnt get ripped off for that name brand bud..... that shit goes for 25$ a g around here and normal headies [dank] is 20 a g. trust me i know the local prices in my area very well wink*
  11. Different locations, different prices... We should know this by now people. :smoke:

  12. True.. or we can all just come to cali.. we got plenty of room and dank.. :)
  13. You're lucky man. haha I'm up in New Hampshire, it's hard to find decent bud without dealing with some REALLY shitty people. Everyone will talk about how they're "smoking purple haze" and such, throwing names down. But when you actually see it it's usually the same mids you bought for 30 (or 40 :rolleyes:) an 8th the day before. lol
  14. I'd rather be in Canada; same quality but half the price!
  15. fuck off man!! 20/g is the going rate 4 name brand strains around the country. dude got a nice pick up. just stfu im so sick hearing about cali
  16. you should be saying that you're sick of hearing about people acting like cali is the best when it comes to our friend mary jane :rolleyes:

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