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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Plain Jane, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. Yeah, I colored the Alice in Wonderland pic. I was too busy smoking and studying to get to it sooner. I really really want a hooka like that!

    Hand inked, colored in Photoshop. Thank you Adobe! <3

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  2. Thats really cool.. you did the actual drawing too? or just the coloring?
  3. yeah, drawn from scratch. when I get high, I focus alot on details... so the drawing took 1.5 hours and the inking took about 7. lol .
  4. that goes off dude i love the bong its cool
  5. I really like it....may I have your permission to use it as my desktop background? Even if it's not big enough, I'll just center it.
  6. cool beans, you should submit it to deviantart or a furry art site, it's very well done
  7. I made a background version for myself if you want it :) It's 187 kb though. I'll send it to you if you can figure out how to get it. *nods*
  8. NICE DUDE!!..
  9. Really good looking - Keep that up for sure.
  10. Wow that reminds me of where i toke...except less trippy animals. Nice Job
  11. Yeah, they're furry characters, but they don't belong to me. They're copyrighted to an artist in New York, this was just a favor I did for her. *nods* thanx for all the complments tho XD
  12. Damn thats fine artwork! Can you send me a link of where i can get a desktop sized one? (1024x768) you oughta open a site like if you can produce stuff like that all the time..

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