FINALLY finished my fish bra...

Discussion in 'General' started by Vzsel, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. So a few days ago I saw the coin purse in my room when I was reallly baked, and I decided it would be a cute costume bra to go to shows in... so I started messing with it, and this is the outcome...


    I'm really proud of this project, I think its my best ones yet.. it fits well and didn't cost me anything. Just thought id share with you blades..

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    edit/ Pic on page 2, you can stop liking this lol
  3. I'm not sure why I find that hilarious lol it's cute!

    inb4 "pose with it on" posts
  4. Too late royk hahaha
  5. I think it's adorable. Very creative, indeed! :smoke:
  6. Thanks guys! :D, I would post a picture of me wearin it, but I already have a picture somewhere on here wearin my tutu and other bra I made:p

    I'm just glad I had a project the took me a few days instead of just spending all night on it...ahaha.

  7. Well, don't let us stop you. The more the merrier! :p

  8. Theoretically, if someone wanted to see such picture, where should they look?;)
  9. Guess you're just gunna have to look ;).
  10. Thread is worthless without pics of you wearing it
  11. we have to see if it fits on your tits, your eyes can lie to you so we have to make sure you are not lied to by yourself. TITS OR GTFO lol
  12. [quote name='"Demiurge"']Like if you think OP should post a picture of herself wearing this.[/quote]

    Don't do that. This isn't Facebook
  13. 929 posts to sift better be worth it.
  14. [quote name='"Thewastedyouth"']929 posts to sift better be worth it.[/quote]

    I thought about it.

    But figured fuck it. Too many posts

  15. better then 7k :p
  16. i wish my face was one of those fish while you were wearing it
  17. Does it really hold them up? Doesn't seem like something a d cup gal could wear haha I want a cute turtle bra... hmmm
  18. I think someone with d sized boobs should test it out and post pics.. Preferably of it not holding them up and falling off
  19. ForumRunner_20120801_122520.png

    Now stop naggin' :hide: also ignore my tomtom... -.-

  20. It does actually! I'd wear it with my bikini top, or a sports bra, would never wear a costume bra just by itself!

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