Finally finished making this my own.

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  1. I bought a Blue Dot Glass 5mm Tube, about two weeks or so ago. In this time I have bought a diffused downtstem and blue diffused ash catcher for it. Well, I was on the search today for a blue glass bowl. I found one, great find at my local headshop. Only charged my 20 bucks for it. It has a very large bowl, perfect for group passes. I am gonna call the bong, Tsunami.
    Here are some pics of the bowl and it completely assembled.

    What you guys think? I am planning on buying a Illadelph coil or Toro next.
  2. nice, i like it a LOT. the color coordination's nice. i'm probably going to firefly tomorrow or capital hemp :p
  3. hey the blue/clear looks good together, XBOX 360,,,, I just sent mine to get repaired
  4. nice find. that matches perfect and that is definitely some sick glass. be proud.
  5. thanks guys this thing hits hard. With the big bowl you can pull for a good bit and get uber high,
  6. dude that's sick, congrats man. blue's an awesome color for glass
  7. That looks sick so +rep

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