Finally Dual Booted Ubuntu and Windows 7!

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by TravisH997, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Yay me! :D

    I have Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.1 and Windows 7 RC successfully dual booting with GRUB!

    And I think I actually got my built in BCM4312 wifi card to work with Ubuntu!
  2. Guess no one cares...
  3. Pretty damn impressive. I'm looking to get W7, how's it run?
  4. im an avid kubuntu user. i feel i like linux better than windows for several reasons.
  5. W7 runs fuckin' great! I never used Vista, just jumped from XP up but it runs solidly on both my laptops.

    Only bug I've even found is that sometimes it takes a couple tries to get my iPod Touch Second Gen. to register right in iTunes. That's really the only problem though.

    Oh wait, and some Virtual Drive programs aren't working like Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools, but there are alternatives that work.
  6. What's the difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu?
  7. I still see no point in dual booting, I can do everything fine in windows... but feel free to prove me wrong, I'm open to suggestions of course :)
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    Kubuntu uses KDE as the desktop manager, as opposed to Ubuntu using GNOME desktop manager. Basically just two different desktop styles, each with their own unique customizable features.

    I use GNOME, because it is simple and looks very nice. But most of the differences between the two are in appearance.

    I also forgot, KDE uses a different type of package manager than GNOME to download files I believe.
  9. Ha I actually have no real reason to use Linux.

    It's just fun to use something different once in a while.
  10. Way to go, I pretty much only use Ubuntu now, nice OS
  11. Dæmon Tools is working just fine for me in Win7.
  12. Really? Are you using RC or RTM?
  13. Daemon Tools works just fine with RC and RTM if you have the right version.

    I'm going to dual boot these two eventually. Right now I'm working on OSX.
  14. Yea I could never get OSX working on my laptop so I was like fuck it I'm gonna use Linux.
  15. lmfao, story of my life
  16. I see no real point to dual booting. Don't get me wrong I don't hate linux or anything, it's just there's no point to it. There's nothing that you can't do in windows with cygwin installed that you can in linux. I can understand using linux in place of windows for preformance or personal issues, but dual boots are redundant.

  17. I dual boot for 2 reasons. #1 is that linux is much much safer than windows, so I use that for all my internet browsing and music downloads, etc.... #2 is that games dont work very well in linux so I use xp strictly for games. It works out quite well.
  18. I suppose that extra layer of security is nice.
  19. Exactly what I do Seany, keep my windows virus free, which is nigh-impossible with regular use lol.

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