Finally done!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by IzzyL420, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. So today was my official last day of probation! They closed my case and they told me I'm a free man! So much stress is off my shoulder, no more monthly payments and now I can smoke cannabis! Haha 2013 is looking good!
  2. I would leave the courtyard go straight to my dealer, buy an half ounce, roll it into one big joint and smoke it allllllllll!!!!!
  3. congrats OP enjoy weed once again!
  4. Thanks to everyone! Ima toke one for y'all!
  5. Its amazing what happens when you play within the confines of system, like it or not. Enjoy your freedom, sir!
  6. Congratulations man!
  7. Thanks art and thank you dude!
  8. cause ur as freeeeeeeee as a bird mannnnnnnnnnn

    haha congrats man hopefully you werent on prob for something like killin someone :p

    either way make sure for 2013 you get a vape :) start off on the right foot
  9. Haha no, i didn't kill anyone. And yeah I've been looking into a vaporizer bro thanks!

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