Finally done pimping my bong, I'm STUPID high right now lol. (HUGE Pictures and Weed)

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    About a month ago, I went out and purchased a very nice, 5mm glass bong with a diffused downstem. Alone with the stock bowl, it hit amazingly.

    Since then, I've added
    - Ash-catcher with carb and water (5mm) : Catches ALL the junk, bong water is drinkable. Carb allows for hard clearing and further diffusion through next addition.
    - Diffusion Beads (Airsoft .2 BB's) Just enough to leave a cm of water. I chose white to emphasize how clean the water is and how well the filtration works. Makes you feel even cleaner when hitting it with the Hemp wick.

    Also, here is a picture of some weed for your amusement.


    After these additions, I can now take a full hit to the lungs without coughing. It is like I have unlocked a new level of being high that was not previously obtainable before I made these additions. I don't even need to add ice anymore.

    All of my idea's came from my own life experiences (liking a carb on a spoon) and threads on these forums. If anyone is thinking about buying a nice piece of glass, go for it. Size don't mean shit either. My 1 foot bong rips harder then any 3 footer ive smoked, even the ones with 1290321093 percs lol.

    Total Cost

    Bong + Downstem ($60)
    Ash Catch ($15)
    BB's ($5)

    $80 bucks for the tool to unlock cloud 10 :smoke:
  2. Are those beads 100% safe?
  3. Pic is too big, next time use the attachment function.

    Other than that, could you explain how the bb's help? i'm a bit confused...does it make more bubbles because of the lack of space for the bubbles to grow?
  4. Ofcourse the bb's are safe.... They are just sitting in water. No different from when I use them in a wet environment in an airsoft event.

    And ya ill change the pics right now.

    I am honestly not sure how the BB's help... but they do, alot... and ive seen other people do it so why the hell not.
  5. Damn that is real nice man and pretty cheap. Id love to hit that!!
  6. It hits sooo nicely... I wanna have all my friends over to hit it lol. Im afraid to take it anywhere, the ash catch is one of a kind (i think, found it at a local arab store). If it got smashed...... Fuck no.

  7. Take good care of your ash catcher

    I had a handmade slide that i absolutely loved! (attached)

    Ironically it broke at a party...but not durring the party, the morning after when I was packing it up I dropped it :cry:

    There will always be an empty space in my heart for that slide, it was the best and it burned the weed so efficiently.

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  8. See it has alot of texture to it, and its very thick glass, so I dont think ill drop it. The whole peace is quite heavy, especially with the .2 bb's. Since the catcher has a carb, i dont pull it out to clear, carb works VERY well.

    Bong stays in one piece til i clean the ashcatch.

  9. Expensive... but I make pretty good money. Ill consider this. Not like I plan on taking it anywhere really. I smoke mostly for pain at home.
  10. they have cases for Iphones. if everyone had one of those cases for an iphone, apple would go out of business with nobody constantly breaking their iphone twice a year.
    unrelated yes. a normal plastic tool case with foam should be sufficient enough theres no need for the case itself to be indestructible, the contents only need to be padded.
  11. Just to clarify, the beads help by cooling down the smoke by increasing the surface area of the smoke (since it's forced to pass around the beads)
  12. This is really fucking awesome. I'm very jealous and wish I had that sitting on my desk next to me right now.

    Where did you get the bong from? It looks simple but perfect, thanks man.
  13. I thought bb's are coated in something in the factory that is not safeeee.

  14. BBs are coated in oil to help them move down the barrel better. Airsoft bbs are different though. I would rather not risk it anyways and would opt to get regular diffuser beads that are meant to be put in water and smoked through.
  15. Could actual diffusion beads add drag?
  16. Bro, I'll give you $80 to drink your bong water.
  17. Woooo! three cheers for the cannabiscouncil! A youtube weed show that reviews things well- and doesnt say stupid stuff!

    (plus- the review was ACTUALLY a good test!)

    Three stars from me! ill be watchin'
  18. booo diffuser beads suck lol. And they make bongs look stupid

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