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Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, Feb 11, 2004.

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  1. Hey everyone. I just placed my order for 500mg of 5-MeO-DMT and it shipped a few minutes after I ordered. I expect to see it Friday or Saturday. Can\'t wait to try some!
  2. Luck luck luck again, are you not too far from where they ship it from?

    I was going to get the 2C-I, what way did you pay for it, cash or what?
  3. I pay with Paypal. If you pay before 4 or 5 pm they ship it same day. They\'re in New York state and I\'m in Michigan, so priority mail is only 2-3 days, but usually only 2.
  4. Damn, they are in New York and i\'m in Ireland and the phenethylamine family of drugs are Class A so fuck that.
  5. what source did you use if you dont mind my asking?
  6. J&M Research

    All the chemicals they sell are legal, except where it says so on the chemicals page.

    I find them reliable because I received both of my previous 2c-i orders very quickly.
  7. 12inchbong, did you stop trripping after you toked a lot? and 500mg DMT sounds like a lot, i thought it said on erowid smoked doses were usually less than 15mg, how you plan to measure it out?
  8. I measure it out using graph paper. I just cut it up real fine and get it all contained into a certain amount of squares, then make sure it\'s all even throughout it. Then I just cut up the squares. I wish I had a digi that could measure mg, or even hundredths of a gram, but I don\'t have another $70 to drop on that. But a couple different friends want 100mgs, and I\'m gonna keep probably 100mg. I\'m only going to smoke 10mg with weed for my first time.

    But ya, the tripping when I smoke pot has seemed to go away the past few days, so I\'m hoping it\'s gone for good.
  9. when i got mine smoking it was a lil difficult, i tried making a light bulb vap, where u empty out a lightbulb and drop the stuff in and light the bottom, it worked pretty good but was not gettin the trip it felt like it was coming on but ended quickly, i highly dont recommend trying to put it in a weed bowl or pipe, youll see why when u try it. i highly recommend getting a DMT or crack pipe they refer to them as vapor pipes at head shops, this is the best way!
    after no success with smoking i tried snorting i snorted alil 2much tho, when they say these chemicals are powerfull jesus christ they were right, if u snort start off with 10-15mg if u smoke start off with 5-10mg.
    if u start to freak out like i did jst remember that is the drug thats doing it and your not guna die, thank god this drug wears completely off in about a hour. i had ordered 100mg it doesnt look like alot but it is, i dont have a scale either, so i just kept cutting it in half 100, 50/50, 25/25/25/25, 15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15, and so on.

    closing remarks:
    -be prepared for a mind fuck
    -get a vapor pipe or snort (by the way the drip is real nasty but barable)
    -its guna take sum practice at least it did for me
    -dont take 2 much or it will put u over the edge like what happend to me
    -if its to intense for u jst remember its almost over
    IF u got any questions ill try to help u out pm me
    ---TRIP ON
  10. I plan on putting a tiny amount of pot in the bowl then sprinkling the DMT on top of that. I don\'t want to snort it. I tried doing that with 2c-i and it burned my nose like it never burned before, and the drip tasted like raw ass and made my throat hurt real bad, but it only lasted for 15-20 minutes. I\'m not too worried about a bad trip because I feel I can handle myself well when I\'m tripping balls. Plus I\'ll have a sitter present that can help me if I need it.
  11. im not sure what other drugs you have had experince with but 5meo is much more powerfull then 2ci its completly diffrent actually. I am a pretty grounded person and thats the only reason i didnt flip out when i took 2 much, it took everybit of my strength to keep my self calm and awake, god knows what i would have seen if i laid down and closed my eyes or if the lights were off, and jst let it take me.
    i do recommend takin it through the nose at least once tho. it didnt really burn when i did it, but after a few minutes the drip came and that was alittle nasty(have a drink ready), i kinda figured nothin would happen like my previous attempts, thats why i snorted a little more than i should have. Then 3-5 mintues later it just hit me like a fuckin rock, it was right then that i knew i took way to much. things started to speed up real fast. i could see trails (first time ever seeing trails). I told myself that i was nvr going to do it again while i was tripin, but looking back now i think ill experiment a little more. They are extemely powerful but i think u will enjoy it, maybe youll have better luck vaporizing it in a bowl with bud but i really didnt like it that way
  12. Received the 500mg today, tried smoking 10mg. It was fucking crazy intense, to say the least. I find it very hard to try and put to words how I felt and what went on. I lost my body during it; I couldn\'t feel my breathing or my heartbeat, I just felt like I was floating in space. The visuals were very nice, just quickly moving and morphing patterns with light blues and light pinks and reds. Some fractals were visible around objects like the ceiling fan and my friend\'s face. It came on very, very quickly, just seconds after I hit the bowl. At first I didn\'t know what was going on, then I thought I was gonna die, then I realized I was tripping baaaaaaalls. My friend asked me what would happen if you smoked some of the 5-MeO while peaking during a 2c-i trip. I told him I don\'t know, but I sure will find out soon :)

    This stuff has sold quickly, too. Right now I\'m left with 100mg for myself because I sold 100mg and 200mg to two different friends and another one wants 100mg tomorrow.
  13. dmt sucks. take a real mans halucinogen.

  14. Like what? Datura?

  15. Such as?
  16. I don\'t know where I was going with that. I was a little, uhm... fucked up last night. I guess just stick to acid or shrooms, I hear that dmt shit is just too much.

  17. But isn\'t this what you want thc..the craziest intense trip\'s a short period of time isn\'t it 12inchbong?

    I\'ll never get to try it unless i meet someone random some night who has it, other than that round here no dealer sells that or anything like it yet.
  18. I did some more earlier today. I\'m not gonna do any more for a while, cause I didn\'t really like this trip too much. It was waaaaay too intense at first, and I felt like I was gonna suffocate because I had a hard time breathing right. I\'m ordering more 2c-i next week, so I\'m gonna do some more DMT when I get the 2c-i. And yes, shogun, it is a short trip. It didn\'t feel as long as it was, but today\'s trip was 15 minutes from the time I closed my eyes to the time I opened them. This time I just felt like I was a part of the whole world, I had no body at all, just a brain floating in space controlling the thoughts of the world. I just kept telling myself \"go with it, go with it, go with it\" and it seemed to help get through the rough patch at the start of it all.
  19. At least your getting the chance to try these chemicals now that they are legal.

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