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Finally did it right, half high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Darkest, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. So I finally did it right from the bowl...took it in, let it out through a sploof...then took a deep breath of clean air and forced it down...I know it was well in my lungs because I had to cough SO bad lol, but I just kept it in cause I was already that far.

    So then like it was 2:56, and then around like 3:02 my head like got all this pressure, then I felt this throbbing kind of...and time like slowed down!

    I was waiting for it to be like 3:06 since that would be 10 minutes exactly..but I just got this twitch in my legs, and like I would try to move my leg the opposite way and it was really hard..I thought it was pretty cool lol.

    Then I proceeded to take a shower, and like it was just really weird. I would start thinking of things and I closed my eyes and it felt like it was a real...then I would like totally forget what I was thinking about!

    Then I just went on my computer to listen to Dark Side of The Moon since my mom says that it is like the ultimate high song/album...and I actually liked it ahah, I usually get way bored with it.

    I'm still getting twitches now though, over 12 ours after...maybe it's something in my mind?

    The thing is though I wasn't like laughing or all that makes me question what even happened lol.
  2. LOL it is all mental. Congratulations, now smoke again.

  3. yea you got high, do it again and it prob wont last 12 hours anymore and you will prob get higher this time though
  4. Yeah, I'm really hoping that I will actually laugh and stuff, should be with other people next time though!
  5. take a few bongs then smoke a few joints until you don't want to smoke anymore :smoking: then pack the next joint and smoke is asap after that you should feel sooo baked
    if you wanna laugh just have a look at the website, its good when your not high, even better when your flyin above the clouds i was laughin at it for what felt like an hour when it had only been 4mins i was soooo happy that day :D
  6. I don't remember laughing at all my first time getting high. All I can remember is going to a highschool football game to watch, and then having people hold me up. It was scary shit. Next couple times I blazed everything was so funny :smoke:
  7. I've smoked with myself twice and have never laughed either of those times.

    if you're with a group of kids, you'll laugh your ass off no doubt.

    My first time I laughed relentlessly.
  8. high showers are the best
  9. Yeah, it felt like forever that I was in the shower!
  10. hell yeah, sometimes ill smoke a fat bowl pack and lay down in the shower for a while, sooo comfortable.
  11. Congrats dude. I loved getting high my first time.

    Being with people is great when high. Welcome to the City...officially
  12. Only thing is now I need to buy more ahah.
  13. yea doesn't it suck when you don't have bud..
  14. Well I don't get many chances to use I always will have time to get it.

    Once it stops snowing though it'll be easier to meet with people to do it.
  15. I can't wait till it gets warmer out. There's a small mountain near my house that I want to hike up and smoke out of my bong at the top on a nice warm day. It's not even in the 40s yet.
  16. It's not even n the 30's yet ahah....Ohio winter sucks!

  17. so true

    also it makes traveling while high actually enjoyable

    (in a group)
  18. I remember last semester when it was warm out and my friends and I could smoke in this alley behind the hookah bar and we'd chill out there. Eventually it got colder so we'd only go out there to smoke. I miss just sitting out there staring at the graffiti.
  19. well last semester we played hackey sack outside of school

    but back then most of my friends didn't smoke
  20. that throbbing was your heart beating! that happens to me all the time and i fuckin love it

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