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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by illcid, Aug 20, 2003.

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  1. Well, today is the date, Tuesday, August 20th, 2003, when I had my first 3-some. Me and my BEST friend and my ex-girlfriend of 1 year. We have been off and on for as long as I can remember, then I finally was through and wanted only to be Best Freinds with this girl.

    Me and Her are known to be the kinkiest kids in our city and finally we wanted sombody to join right in!

    I feel like the luckiest man, cause we are planning on having a foursome with another girl this coming weekend. Tonight was a breaking of the ice.

    I know you think that this maybe the strangest and craziest thing. Well it was, I always had fantasies about it HERE AND THERE like, only once, but when it really is happening your like, WOAH.....im nervouse......AWSOME....sweet!!!!!!!!

  2. not to steal your thunder or anything.... but you must not live in a big city then huh?

    3 some\'s are kinda common...always great when they happen (mff anyway, im a solo preformer) but deffinitly fun.... obviously there no good in the long run if ou plan to have a realationship with either person.....

    if you want kink...move to nyc.
  3. OK so you\'re saying you\'re a dude, you\'re friends a dude, and you both fucked her at the same time? or is it an mff? Because 2 sausages in the same bed isnt chill even if there is a female involved. But whatever floats your boat.

    And yeah NYC is not the kinkiest place by far. Try Ibiza, Spain. The party and ecstacy capital of the world. But like he said, kink can happen anywhere.

  4. i second that, you have not exp. kink until you been to a real underground party aka \"rave\" but congrats on your sexual exp ;)

  5. hahaha... underground party....

    i\'ve been to at least 20 of them.... they\'re not all that kinky...

    unless you count 1000 sweaty kids crammed into a warehouse doing mind altering substances and listening to electronic music kinky.....

    i mean i\'ve seen people get down at em, but its not kinky...when your mangled and you need to fuck..... hey...whats stoppin ya....:D
  6. lol Ibiza isnt an underground party or a rave. Its an island in Spain. All the celebrities take there boats out there to party, full of beautiful women, and its full of very big, but expensive clubs, its got beaches where people go everynight, smoke weed, and have sex. The police dont have a problem with it, they sit there and watch, making sure no fuckin drunk Irish or German dude starts fighting. Its the bomb, and if you go there you will know, that is the greatest fucking place on this earth, but the clubs are all open only during the summer, and they\'re open all day and night.
  7. i call bullshit on illicid... i remember when his girl got jiggy wit his friend or somethin
  8. Isn\'t that what he was explaining?

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