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    Alright, my parents have finally busted me for smoking pot...and they did it by bringing me pizza lol and walked in on me vaping.

    Long story short they were disappointed bla bla bla but my mom said "dont do it in the house" and she also said she didnt mind me doing it as long as it wasnt INSIDE her house.

    She's going to also pay for the medical marijuana recommendation appointment for crohns disease and my apetite (which is the reason she caught me smoking...i told her how much better i had been doing hadnt been because of the medicines but instead of the marijuana) long story short, it got my mom to overturn her "reefer madness" standopint, but my dad is still convinced that if i smoke weed i cannot get a job better than mcdonalds....he is convinced that drug tests are 100% accurate and there is no way around them.


  2. Sounds more like a lucky day for you!
  3. Lets hope it leads to goodness :)

  4. It has been so far!

    And you know it's not the way your Dad is thinking.

    Good luck man!
  5. im just not sure what i can do to get him to believe that a drug test is one of the least of things i need to worry about - especially with a medical permit.

    its going to be interesting to see how receptive they are to this.

    Pray for me and hope for the best (or if you dont pray, light one...either way, light one for me)

  6. Simple: Proof him different!

    Be successful and show him it's not like most MJ un-educated people think!
  7. Do you have any good links that i could show him?

    My mom and dad are watching the Union tomorrow.
  8. lol I got all the way until 11:01pm until I realized it was a Friday the 13th ha.

    And ya, way to go for your mom

    For your dad, perhaps he should consider that not ALL jobs drugtest. And there's always self-employed if your industrious.

  9. There are countless ones on here (GC) and many on YouTube, the below one being one of them:

    [ame=""]Medical marijuana for ADD and its good for kids![/ame]

    And maybe this one:

    [ame=""]Cannabis's use therapeutically for Crohn's/Colitis and chronic illness in genral[/ame]
  10. Go on YouTube and look around to see what you like/consider good. Make sure you use different search terms to broaden your search results.

    There is a thread on here with hundreds of links but I have to find it...
  11. I'm from WA originally, I'm 24 now and work in wireless information technology working with wireless frequencies and laser barcoding. Drug testing really isn't an issue except for bullshit jobs. Once you step foot into a professional setting drug tests are pretty much non-existant.

    I am graduating college this year and carry a 3.9 GPA, I'm an EMT and FF1. I smoke about an eight to a quarter ounce per day, tell your dad working at mcdonalds isn't in your future unless you chose to.
  12. holy crap man, you got an expensive habit.
  13. shit i just realized yesterdya was friday the 13th

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