Finally Cannabis Ads Air On Tv

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  1. Nice. Good to see. Fuck that Randy Thomasson guy though. What a fucking dumbass. lol
  2. You get randy thomason when you inject a fetus with bath salts and use it as a hammer for 10 years.
  3. That's great news but not sure that's accurate as Cannabis Planet used to run a 30 minute infomercial on TV in both the SF Bay Area and Southern California a few years ago and they ran for more then a year.  They were a combination of commericals for local dispensaries and grow shops as well as cannabis news, growing tips and cooking tips.  In the SF Bay area they played it on channel 36 on Friday nights around midnight.  You can see some of the episodes on youtube.
  4.  :laughing:
    This is definitely a step in the right direction.
    Another thing that made me laugh is that that guy came up with statistics, probably made up, saying that most MMJ patients just want to get stoned. What was funny about it is the generalization of the statement. Some people abuse the system so Marijuana automatically has no medical benefits and is harmful. That's comical. A statement like that cannot be made when you take into account how many people nationwide are smoking medicinally but also illegally. 
  5. We need a commercial supporting the legalization of marijuana not medical marijuana. Everything helps though, just figures that lady doesn't understand the importance of legalizing and taxing.
  6. Show me the proof it;
    Is a gateway drug,
    Harms people any more than alcohol, cigerates.
    The movement to legalize is progressing slowly and people like this have their right to try and stop it. It's going to come down to creditability of the person speaking/addressing the voters. When you have the chance to talk to someone, stick to the facts, like it cures Cancer and know where to refer the person you are addressing to verify what you say.
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    "Whats next medical cocaine and heroin?" What an ignorant pos.
    Cocaine is already and has been schedule 2, and medical heroin? I have to laugh at that. Guess he doesn't know about all the rx opiates we allow. The stronger ones are no different than heroin in terms of effects, addiction, lethality etc. and they certainly do have medical value.
  8. Who put that ignorant asshole on tv?
  9. Ignorant indeed! Coke and Heroin are shit, why do we need that as medicine? The major difference between weed and those 2 substances, and legal painkillers is....marijuana isn't a addictive substance. I have stopped using weed for 2-3 months at a time, 3 times since I first started smoking. It wasn't hard at all. Now trying to kick a coke or H habit that'd be a painful expirience.
  10. whaa? :lol:

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  11. As much as we don't like to admit it, she is right about 2% of the MMJ patients really needing it. 98% just want to get stoned. This was a loophole created by California legislatures for the almighty tax dollar. That's why WA and Colo. made it recreational. And Randy Thomasson is one of the most naive ignorant assholes I have seen.
  12. It's great to see that its aired on mainstream news but this commercial is still flawed.
    The guy who said it's a gateway drug. He has no clue why that myth has even been created, it's a result of the black market and drug prohibition.
    Majority of MMJ patients want to get stoned? That's why they should fully legalize for recreational use so that it doesn't jeopardize the system and create a bad name for the MMJ industry. Still, a generalization.
  13. I agree with your statement, however, I feel the numbers are more in the 20% range based on my visits to the Dr's & shops. We will never know for sure as everyone "needs" it when questioned.
  14. i guess he's never heard of morphine
  15. thing i don't like is the recreational vs medical vibe of that woman.  We all need to stand together on this.
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    Rooks, she has gone from a "good sober Christian woman" to an advocate for medical use! Give her a few more years  :D , she has come a long way as it is!
    And that is NOT the first MMJ commercial! I'm near the border with Oregon, and there have been MMJ commercials for at least a year now on the local Oregon stations! (I don't watch that much TV)  I can't remember if it was on Channel 5, 10 or 12, but every now and then in the evening, it pops up! :smoke:
    Little by little, WE ARE WINNING! :yay: :smoke: :hello:
    Granny :wave:
  17. Attitudes are changing everywhere but in the circles making money from prohibition however the greed that keeps this insane policy in place is rapidly losing ground to corporations and investors eager to get in on the money,,TV ads = more investors= more corporations looking for more profits=greed that started prohibition loses to greed wanting to end it...
    I welcome big business and their greed as I sit here on my sack of seeds.
  18. I can't believe that dumbass brought up the "gateway drug"'s only a "gateway drug" because a street dealer might sell other drugs and try to get you to purchase them. Are people really too dense to see that?
  19. Oh look- more leftist CNN corporate propaganda.
    "Drugs are scary and dangerous. Pot too!"
    "The state should be in control of medical marijauana."
    Any questions, comrades?
    Canna Care must be tied in and believe they will be one of the "chosen providers" to be pushing this angle. Nice try.

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