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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by oldgrayhair, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Hey GC,

    Figured I'd try and be smart and get a few questions out of the way early on. Beats building it all wrong and having to tear down/re-build.

    Here is a pic of the closet I have to work with, and leads to a couple questions right off the bat. Excuse my rich MS Paint skillz, but the small "box on the left side is planned to be 16" wide, 20-24" tall, and 52" long. This will be lit with CFL or T-% and used for veg growth. Most likely a couple different stages/heights of plants.


    These will then get transferred to the box on the right for flowering, which I'm planning at 60" tall, 30"wide, and 48" long. I'm planning on a 400 watt HPS, unless everyone thinks a 600 will be more bang for my buck.

    Each box has a separate air intake (square holes in bottom)..this was convenient as in the second pic, you can see this closet backs up to my AC unit housing intake (lower hole on right is lower left hole in closet pic...right hole in closet pic is farther back in the AC room)


    I'm thinking with the sizes of the boxes, shouldn't I be able to use the bathroom style exhaust fans on each one, run through carbon and ducked out into the attic space above?

    May even be able to tie a couple AC vents down into the flowering box.

    What do you recommend for covering the holes with...eggcrate? Should I need any cloth filtering for the incoming air?

    Also, if anyone has any pro's or cons on possibly running the flowering at night, say 8pm-8am) as I figure that will be the nosiest time from the fans and such. If I was to have any work done or visitors during the day I figure the more quiet it is, the stealthier it will be.

    So basically, just wanting to know if it seems like so far so good :D

    Thanks guys, hope to do a delayed SOG method in here where I can flower 6-10 plants every 2 months until I get the clones established and timing down to rotate on a smaller time scale.

    Thanks for your time, keep growing!
    Peace, OGH
  2. looks to me like you have a very good start. as far as your ducting goes, i don't have the knowledge to answer your question. i think that having the lights on at night seems like a good idea for you though. it is definitely stealthier. your friends might wonder about the sound and the unusual amount of light radiating from your closet. my only concern is how dark you can keep it during the day. you can't go in there and check on your plants or anything because the light might make them hermie. sad panda
  3. Thanks HeadshopGirl, I appreciate the positive thoughts. While it won't be done for a while, the interior of the closet is going to be framed out and sealed tight. So, when the closet is open, it's holding hanging clothes and what not...appears as a normal closet. Still have to plan that out, but light leakage won't be a factor once complete. My main concern, which led to the flower at night thought, was the simple hum coming from the fans, etc. I need noise to sleep, so a hum won't bother me at night. Just want it to appear as normal as possible during the day for any visitors. We own the home, been here 8 years and it just dawned on me I have the perfect set-up for personal grow space.

    Peace, OGH

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