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  1. So I've been living in Southeast Alaska for several years, in towns that are only accessible by boat and plane, but up until now I haven't had the means to buy myself a boat. Well, this week I finally did it! I picked up a 16' Hewescraft aluminum skiff with a nice newer Yamaha 60 horse outboard. Now I can finally get off this rock and over to some of the incredible places right around here. There's a ton of remote Forest Service cabins on other islands, a hot spring on the mainland, and all the fish I can eat. I'm in the process of getting all my necessary gear together, but it looks like this weekend I'll get to take her out for her inaugural spin! The funny thing is, buying a boat was the financially good decision; I've been building up my credit score, and apparently getting a loan is the best way to do that. The best part is that the previous owner was a Coastie, so it is guaranteed to be in good shape. I'm just waiting on the decals with the boat's name, Mercyful Fate.

    Anybody else here have a boat?
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  2. I don't but thought this post was very interesting. I envy you. I was raised and live in the south but I was born in Fairbanks. I have always wanted to go there to check it out. Never been farther west then Iowa as an adult.

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  3. Fuck yeah man! Congrats! I have a 12' aluminum V hull with a 10hp Johnson and a 40lb thrust Minn Koda. She's not luxurious and is actually named the S.S. Eyesore but it's nice to have a boat no matter how small.
  4. Do I have a boat? lol
    20' fiberglass center console
    2 12' aluminum V hulls
    18' pontoon
    14' semi V jon boat
    17' aluminum canoe
    and a
    kayak....boat poor, I am....haha
  5. Nice, congrats. If I were you, I'd get that motor checked out sometime soon. Way better safe than sorry, getting stuck out on the water is no joke.

    I've been around and or had boats since I was young. My Dad built a 38' two mast sailboat over 7 years of my youth. Other than canoes my first boat was a 23' Kiwanda Dory with a Volvo/Penta 4 cyl which was a bit too much boat for me at the time but it was a great learning experience and had some amazing times with it. Next was a 14' aluminum deep V with a 4 stroke 9.9hp. Then a 16' Smokercraft with a 2cyl 88hp which was an awesome family boat but I decided to narrow down my hobbies and sold it. Now I'm back to just a canoe.
  6. Especially up here, people disappear all the time on the water. I bought this boat specifically because the motor was owned by a Coast Guardsman, and has been maintained regularly at the licensed Yamaha dealership here in town. In fact, it only has 20 hours of use since the powerhead was replaced.
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  7. Jesus, I can only imagine what a powerhead on a newer 60 horse would cost. I could be remembering wrong but I think I paid $600 to get mine replaced on my early 90's Evinrude 9.9hp 4 stoke. But that's great that you bought it from a stand up dude.
  8. I am in between boats right now. I had a 12ft gregor for a few years. Then upgraded to a 13ft side console whaler. Due to some shitty luck I no longer have either, but I'm hopeful to get something b4 this time next year.
    Great job on the purchase, a 15ft-17ft would be a good fit for me also.
  9. Me too man. She's 88' :biggrin:

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