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Finally been able to pick up.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tyler Bro, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. View R5XXkH.jpg on ScreenSnapr

    Rate 1-10

    I got too high from this shit and I freaked out one night. This shit is dangerous.

    So happy to finally get some decent shit around Delaware. lol
  2. Nice bro <><
  3. Pic kinda sucks, need more light.
  4. you rate it since u smoked it :p
    but you seem cool hahahah you remind me of me O.P
    my names tyler and ab-soul is the shit! haha straight up
  5. Off topic.. But What does op mean.. I been seein it a lot this mornin?
  6. [quote name='"MadeInJapan"']Off topic.. But What does op mean.. I been seein it a lot this mornin?[/quote]

    Original poster
  7. Oh ok I get it now.. Thank u
  8. the power of good nugs should never be underestimated
  9. looks alright
  10. Ah... delaware. I've heard the bud situation is SHITTY up there. The bud in the pic doesn't look very good, but maybe it's the lighting. My good buddy was telling me how his friend (from around here in MD) has been driving up a few LBs at a time (of MIDS! Ewwwww) to Delaware, where they pay like 2gs a lb for it. Freaking insane... 2g for an LB of MIDS!

  11. lololololololololololololololololololololoo a pound of mids should be like 500
  12. Well they're not THAT cheap around here and they're not mexican regs but yeah they're no more than a g.

  13. I'm lucky I have the connects I do.

    and yes, it's pretty bad here.

    It's next in line for medical use though, don't know when that's happening. :/
  14. Looks dank, bad quality but can still see the hair and stuff!
  15. not too bad. Picture quality isn't the best though so its hard to tell.

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