Finally Adapted To Smoking Pot With?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cheating Death, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. I started smoking pot since high school and didn't adapt to allot of things while smoking.

    i sucked at
    1. Skateboarding high, i was good but when smoking it was just to hard for me.

    i use to like playing games but when i started toking i also sucked and hated it.
    well i just took a 3 week t-break and came back stronger than ever.

    good at
    playing games high
    1. idk why but i have so much fun now playing after hanging out with buddys. playing gta4,final missions:)

    oh and driving im the best at that now.
    according to my friends tho.
  2. nice...i suck at most video games in general...and i think im worse high lol
  3. Your grammar confuses me.

  4. sorry about that.
    wrote it pretty fast
  5. ya after a couple months of regular toking you should have developed a decent tolerance to being able to do things high.

    for a while now i can do everything 99% ok while high, including talking to parents, games, working.. anything. and if not tired or hungry, it stimulates the brain and actually makes me better at alot of things

    it is great
  6. Oh thats what you mean, hell yeah after the first few months i mean you should be able to do anything. i do :S
  7. I make a point of completely avoiding my parents when I'm high. I came home high once and my mom kissed me on the head and exclaimed that my hair wreaked of pot, I just told her some people were smoking weed in the casino.I KNOW my dad used to be a stoner so I'm sure he would be able to tell when I'm high. The fact that he's a psychologist doesn't help either lol. But yea, for the most part, im kickass at videogames, driving and interacting with the general public when im high.

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